5 Monotonous Tasks AI Will Help Your Organisation With

Exploring ways in which AI can make our regular lives easier by taking over our mundane tasks.

Human beings have an innate need for being productive. There are times when regular tasks can become repetitive and boring if not done quickly or differently. The popular phrase “working like a robot” holds extremely true in the case of AI. Maybe not as negative for an actual robot, but AI is at a stage where it can be used for dangerous or repetitive tasks. 

Using AI can benefit people and organizations by getting accurate data analysis with no trace of human error. As AI development increases multifold, the future can be quite ‘exciting’ with AI taking over monotonous tasks for you. 

5 Monotonous Tasks AI Will Take Over For You:

1. AI becomes a Voice, Chat Assistant

The transition from producer oriented to customer-oriented businesses has created a whole new dynamic for AI. There is a reason this is the first point. AI has already become a personal assistant for people. Reliance on Amazon’s Alexa or iPhone Siri is proof enough to say that AI has seeped into our lives tremendously. Millennials are doing 50% of their online searches via Voice Search and most enterprises can capitalize on this. 

IBM has developed a voice integration tool that responds to queries related to reports using Voice. This way an enterprise can capitalize on integrating well with Voice assistants that a consumer is getting used to. 

Sephora, personal care products company, uses a colour matching chatbot where the user can upload a picture of celebrity lipstick colour and the bot finds the exact one for them. 

Online fashion stores remembering your preferences and suggesting new ones to you are also great examples of how AI assistant can be used by an enterprise. 

2. AI helps in Managing Data

For sectors that require a lot of data processing, storing and reviving, AI comes to the rescue.  Manually managing data can become highly strenuous and result in more human errors for complex processing. When you automate these processes with AI, it gives the employees more time to reflect on their strategies and think creatively. 

For example, a marketing firm can find good suggestions for content topics, categorize products and help with search engines. The hours spent on managing these aspects of marketing can be freed with AI taking over. This will leave them with abundant time to work on their creative processes and map out a strategy. 

Another example would be that of the Agriculture sector. AI-based machinery could help bring in more efficiency in crop production and help farmers reduce wastage. Farmers can find more time in finding the right market and selling crops there. Since AI also would be great for weather predictions and farming suggestions based on data acquired, the latter be able to make informed decisions. 

3. AI does your Office Work

How many times have you asked yourself “Is there an easy or quick way to do this?” It’s not just you. Even scientists and researchers have been trying to make products that answer your question. A growing discussion of AI’s use cases proves that it has more than one benefit, and now, even for the usual office work!

AI applications could be useful for repetitive administrative work which just requires checking calendars and inviting for meetings. It could also help in hiring and training of employees by providing suggestions for job descriptions and help trainees conduct regular tasks more effectively. Along with this, AI can help strengthen security by preventing malware attacks. 

An employee can spend more time on their work and productivity and automate repetitive tasks with the help of AI.

4. AI predictions used for Customer Experience

Augmented AI is a fairly new and broad topic but holds relevance in our discussion. Don’t we love it when people remember the smallest details about us and are able to predict what we will enjoy? Just like your best friend, AI also has the same powers. 

Your Netflix suggestions, shopping preferences, spam filters, car ride information, phone customization, etc, are all examples of AI filtering content based on how you like to consume it. Over time, AI notices your behaviour towards certain things and by storing data analyses your likes/dislikes. 

So, when you receive messages from a shopping app saying “We know you’ve been eyeing this, it’s available at half price now,” it’s actually AI understanding you. When you begin to text, the predictions are provided based on observing how you have been texting all through this while. 

On the producer front, AI can help them record customer data and preferences easily and optimize their strategies based on data provided. 

The integration of AI in your apps and regular habits helps you do things at a faster pace. While some argue this is giving AI too much control, there is an option of limiting AI’s access to your data as well. 

5. AI makes you self-sufficient 

Waiting to receive information to go ahead with your regular activities can be quite frustrating. For example, you have Google Maps telling you how much time you’ll take to reach home and which route should you opt for. You don’t have to constantly keep track of what the status of traffic will be at that particular time. If you are in a foreign country, you can easily translate your words and converse with people there. If you wish to teach yourself something, AI could come with great suggestions for your reference. You can learn a language or a new recipe, anything that you don’t want to depend on someone else for. 

In conclusion…

What once was believed to be imagination, now becomes reality. We are already living a world with AI which worked thoroughly in being of use to human beings. There are a lot of ways in which AI can help humans reach their potential and be self-reliant. All you need to know to use AI is – ask the right questions. 

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