Ahmedabad Smart City’s Top 5 use cases of IoT, AI, Machine Learning


Smart City Ahmedabad Development Corporation (SCADL) is committed to ensure that citizens dwell in a pollution free environment. For the same, it has deployed a number of environment sensors to monitor and act on environmental exigencies. These sensors are deployed across the city to provide real time ambient environment updates about temperature, light, humidity, PM 2.5 and PM10 levels and issue alerts/warnings in case air quality deteriorates, so that citizens can plan their day accordingly. It also helps us to create pollution related awareness.

Waste Management

Cleanliness is one of the most pertinent areas that SCADL focuses on. Using IoT, SCADL has been able to effectively ensure that waste in the city is properly and timely collected and disposed off. Bins fitted with RFID sensors and garbage collection vans fitted with RFID readers and GPS helps keep track of garbage pick-up and in optimising routes of the collection vans. SCADL has more than 15,000 point of interests and over 1,000 vehicles helping us to keep the city clean.


With rapid motorisation, parking has become a big problem that grapples most of the cities. SCADL has relied on IoT enabled parking sensors to ensure creation of new parking spaces and monitor new and existing parking spaces using technology. SCADL has also envisaged to provide LIVE parking availability across major malls, theaters, public areas, parks to citizens.


Urban transit is a vital area where SCADL has extensively used IoT to ensure seamless travel experience for citizens. AMTS and BRTS, Ahmedabad’s transit lifeline carries about 800,000 people every day. SCADL has attempted to redefine the citizen’s journey experience right from ticketing to in-station to in-journey experience using various technologies including IoT. Citizens can now plan their journey effectively using mobile app and pay using a common open loop card for all the transit services. IoT has helped to radically redefine the entire Vehicle to Infrastructure transit landscape, leading to effective fleet utilisation and providing enough data points to take well informed decisions.


Light is a pivotal infrastructure element that a city has to provide to its citizens. With an overwhelming 150,000 light nodes across the city, the management and servicing the same has been a prime area of focus for SCADL, which has used IoT devices to identify and ensure that it gets closer to the problem (pole) and solve the problem effectively. SCADL can now remotely mange (on/off/dim), check status of thousands of lights from a single point using IoT.

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