AI & the Future of Health Care

The world awaits to live with the advancements in AI transforming Healthcare. Now is the time! The future of healthcare will provide flawless healthcare at lower costs with automated assistance and self-learning healthcare system

AI has begun to outplay the power strikers in all sorts of business, transforming the way companies operate. Health care has been the most expensive care in recent times, but do we get the best care? With multiple Health Insurance services in place, a majority of the employed population leverage maximum benefits of opting it to avail a series of health care services including the regular health checkups in the private or premium hospitals which would have otherwise been unaffordable. This enables the hospitals to introduce new machinery and equipment’s for simple procedures too while pushing up the prices on their bills which serves a shot in the arms of the unemployed population depriving them of the essential health services due to the increased health expenses. Creating a robust solution to protect each individual from such hardships while providing excellent healthcare has been a key challenge. The Health Care system of each nation generates about 1 trillion gigabytes of data annually. These humungous quantities of data can be utilized to train the AI systems to generate insights in enhancing the existing therapeutics and creating new therapeutics. This can enable effective remote healthcare services for the whole population triggering a major shift in the healthcare industry.

The world awaits to live with the advancements in AI transforming Healthcare. Now is the time! The future of healthcare will provide flawless healthcare at lower costs with automated assistance and self-learning healthcare system. In Healthcare, AI has started to show a significant impact in Medical Images and Diagnosis by preventing diagnostic errors and enabling early diagnosis of chronic conditions by allaying the medical data and accurate medical imaging insights. Advancements in Computer Vision enabling perception creates an end to end patient care system with automated diagnosis and prescription, real-time prioritization, personalized medications and patient data analysis for deep insights.

AI is significantly transforming genomics in ways that is difficult to imagine. By addressing procedures like gene synthesis, gene sequencing and gene editing, Genomics is largely explored for personalized medicines, predicting effects during various processes. AI has mitigated major challenges in improving gene editing results, identifying regulatory elements, predicting gene functions and understanding the genome code. Today, AI is used to improve the electronic health record by extracting and indexing data from clinical notes and clinical documentation for clinical decision support. Majority cases of AI in Tele medicine is the form of Virtual Consultation and diagnostic support which has steadily gained traction. AI has revolutionized surgery in current times and only a single 3D CT or cone beam VT data set (DICOM data) with 1 mm slice thickness is enough for an entire workflow for Complex Zygomatic Fractures i.e., preoperative diagnostic, preoperative planning, manufacturing of patient specific models or implants and intra-operative real-time navigation. AI can perform it all.

With the increased research in AI for better healthcare many multinational companies have started to merge or collaborate with Health companies. The medical grounds touched by some of these are applications of AI in Chronic Disease Treatment, Analysis for Drug Development, Predicting most Effective Drugs or Treatment Options, Using Computer Vision to detect Cancerous Cells, Predicting At-Risk Patients, Monitoring Anxiety and Delirium in patients mainly suffering from Dementia. FDA approved AI induced diagnostic devices are already in the markets.

Authored by Mr. Rohan Shravan, Founder & Director, Inkers

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  • Sagar Shah

    Great Blog! Today, Artificial Intelligence is a favorite subject that people discuss it in technology and business circles. With the advancement in technology, we connect ourselves to AI in one way or the other. And, this blog is such a wonderful because of this show AI and the future of health care. I like the way you have explained all the information in a simple manner. Thanks for sharing such a valuable post.

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    Very informative post. I am working on project for my clinical research internship. This information you provided in article is very helpful for me to complete my project. Thank you for putting top notch content, I would like to be here again for new updates.