IDC India Unveils Annual IDC FutureScape Reports for 2022 and Beyond

International Data Corporation (IDC) India, the premier global provider of market intelligence, has launched its annual series of reports titled IDC FutureScape Report 2022 over a virtual media briefing. In this report, IDC India unveils top ICT predictions around several key emerging segments such as IT, cloud, artificial intelligence and automation, future of digital infrastructure, future of trust, future of intelligence, data & content technologies, and corporate banking.

These eight reports bring over 5-year guidance and projections to the industry professionals on the roadmap to implement and utilize the advanced technologies effectively and contribute towards the growth of the digital economy.

Speaking on the occasion, Vasant Rao, Managing Director, IDC India said, “Every company is a technology company and businesses are recognizing the significance of cutting-edge digital technologies in the aftermath of the pandemic. They are investing heavily in building a fully integrated digital infrastructure and progressing towards a digital economy. We expect to see Enterprises implement several digital first initiatives to help them deal with headwinds and crosswinds in 2022 and beyond. IDC is committed to helping clients by making this process smarter & more effective through our data, insights, research and market intelligence services.”

Some of the key predictions from the reports are:
• Digital-First Drivers– By 2024, digital-first enterprises will enable empathetic customer experiences and resilient operating models by shifting 50% of all tech and services spending to as-a-service and outcomes-centric models.

• Cloud Economics – By 2024, 30% of organizations using cloud services will establish a dedicated FinOps function to automate policy-driven observability and optimization of cloud resources to maximize value.

• Machine-Human Augmented Foresight – By 2026, 60% of enterprises in India will combine human expertise with AI, ML, NLP, and pattern recognition to augment foresight across the organization, making workers 20% more productive and effective.

• Unified Security First– By 2024, 35% organizations will allocate half of its security budget to cross-technology ecosystems/ platforms designed for rapid consumption and unified security capabilities to drive agile innovation.

• ESG – By 2024, 40% of Indian digital infrastructure RFPs will require vendors to prove progress on ESG/sustainability initiatives with data, as CIOs rely on infrastructure vendors to help meet ESG goals.

• CBDC Impact on Cash Management – With CBDC rollouts gaining momentum, by 2025, more than 15% of tier-1 corporate banks will offer their clients integrated solutions to unlock liquidity from both traditional and digital assets.

Emphasizing on the IT industry centric predictions, Sharath Srinivasamurthy, Research Director, Enterprise Solutions & ICT Practices, IDC India said, “A digital-first strategy nowadays entails more than just identifying and implementing any new technology or business models. Rather, it is an organizational shift and a culture change that brings customer centricity, hybrid work, unified security, remote operations, and a shared business value. Enterprises would rely more on as-a-service technology options when it comes to enabling an intelligent, empowered, and well-connected workforce with focused investments in IT infrastructures.”

Every year, IDC publishes its top forecasts in its annual FutureScape reports providing a glimpse of what is on the horizon for the fast-evolving ICT sector in the medium and long term. These forecasts enable technology leaders and decision makers to chart out their business strategies and realign their objectives for the next 1-5 years.

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