Indian Startup drivebuddyAI is making Roads Collision Free by Alerting Drivers Through Its Intelligent Driving Platform

drivebuddyAI, intelligent driver management, and fleet safety platform, announced a milestone of over 5 lakh kilometers driven in the last year. Commercial vehicles equipped with drivebuddyAI devices have covered five lakh kilometers. drivebuddyAI, an artificial intelligence-based vehicle tech start-up in India, aims to increase road and driver’s safety and minimize life-threatening accidents.

Through the transformation of the Fleet Management & Insurance Ecosystem, drivebuddyAI aims to speed the evolution of the future of mobility. The objective of drivebuddyAI is to provide commercial fleets with an AI-powered intelligent driver & fleet safety platform that ensures driver safety, reduces high-risk loss-making occurrences and increases efficiency. drivebuddyAI’s products deploy intelligent, computer vision-powered ADAS technology, that avoids collisions through real-time alerts, assesses driving behavior for risks, and improves driver behavior with personalized coaching on the move.

Over 100 drivebuddyAI devices have been installed in vehicles and are now being used by 10+ fleet owners, allowing drivebuddyAI to reach the milestone of over 5 lakh kilometres in less than a year. The drivebuddyAI solution delivers new-age fleet management by delivering safety with profits. Improved fleet safety ensures increased ROI, and insurance benefits on top of vastly reduced costs. drivebuddyAI is partnering with OEMs to bridge the gap towards Autonomous Vehicles by providing AI-powered driver-assist systems. The AI-powered platform is also delivering data-driven insurance through incident data, driving conditions, driver authentication, & historical driving patterns in a single window.

Expressing delight on the success received, Nisarg Pandya, Founder, drivebuddyAI said, “We are creating value for our partners by reducing collision risk events and improving efficiency every day, every hour, every minute, every second. Learning from the Indian ecosystem gives us an edge over the global competitors considering the complexity. This enables continuous predictions corrections, making the algorithm robust. Our connected mobility platform meets the needs of our clients in auto, commercial fleet, and logistics with tailored products designed for a seamless digital experience while protecting them when they need it the most. As we redefine tomorrow’s mobility today, we are accelerating the evolution of mobility through the transformation of the fleet management and insurance ecosystem.”

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