Citrix brings Web Application Firewall capabilities to the cloud

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Citrix Systems has launched Citrix Web App and API Protection, a new, cloud-delivered service that provides comprehensive security for applications and APIs in multi-cloud environments.

“The flexible models for work and multi-cloud application deployment that companies must now support have greatly expanded the attack surface that IT needs to defend,” said Mihir Maniar, Vice President of Product Management, Networking. “Cloud-based security solutions are a fast, easy and cost-effective way to do this, and with the enhancements to our web application firewall offerings, we can simplify and speed the process.”

With Citrix Web App and API Protection, IT organizations of all sizes can provide holistic protection from cyber threats and enable a consistent security posture across multi-cloud environments. Built on Citrix Web App Firewall and enhanced with volumetric DDoS protection and expanded machine learning capabilities.

“Applications and APIs are among the most valuable—and vulnerable—assets a company has and protecting them has never been more challenging,” Maniar said. “Citrix is committed to providing our customers with next-generation tools to protect against both known and unknown application attacks along with intelligence to allows for faster remediation.”

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