How Mosaic Wellness became the personal health coach for millions of Indians

In the post­-pandemic era, digital health solutions are the need of the hour for millions and Mosaic Wellness, a platform of digital-first health clinics owned and operated under one house, is helping Indians lead more fulfilling lives surrounded by wellness and grace. Mosaic Wellness is creating a family of purposeful health platforms with personalized solutions for a particular problem in a niche segment.

Revant Bhate, Co­founder and CEO at Mosaic Wellness, told IANS that the platform sticks with users throughout the journey of their wellbeing and users throughout the journey of their wellbeing and drives outcomes for them rather than just getting them to talk to doctors or buy its products.

Here are excerpts from an interview:

What is Mosaic Wellness’s USP?

We give our users the experience that they would receive at a physical clinic digitally, along with value adds like unlimited consultations, access to specialists and diagnosis chains, community of like minded people going through the same problems, and more. We stick with users throughout the journey of their wellbeing and drive outcomes for them rather than just getting them to talk to our doctors or buy our products

What are some of the disruptive technology trends in your industry which excite you the most?
We are very excited with what is possible using computer vision: blood diagnosis, hairfall stage diagnosis etc, and give the correct treatment plan to users.

Tell us about the scale of your operations and the reach of your two platforms ­­ Manmatters and Bebodywise. What is the growth outlook over the next 2­3 years?

We’ve conducted tele consultations for over 1 million users till date, more than 50 per cent of whom have booked a follow up consultation. We’re at $30 million annualized revenue right now and are focusing on building more features to our platforms that can help drive better health outcomes for our users.

You are backed by some of the most prominent investors in the Indian startup ecosystem. But given the changing macro environment, the focus has once again turned to profitability rather than growth at any cost. Your thoughts?
We have focused on profitability from day zero. As such, the change in macro environment does not change our strategy in any way. We will continue focusing on our execution plan & driving health outcomes for our users.

Can you share some of the most memorable/rewarding customer success stories?
We’d run a brand ambassador programme with 31 users to help them get on top of their hair fall. We engaged very frequently with them and helped them build a habit of taking care of their personal well being. Twenty ­eight of these users could see a visible change in their hair loss.

In terms of business outcomes, what benefits have you experienced because of running on AWS?
The biggest advantage of being cloud first is that we don’t need to own and operate expensive infrastructures to run our digital offerings to 3 million users every month. AWS helps us scale momentarily for days when we expect higher footfall with no liability. We have leveraged multiple AWS managed services like Amazon RDS, ElastiCache, Amazon
SQS, etc. These are plug and play systems that allow us to focus on developing what we need to develop to service users as opposed to worrying about operating a technology data center and the overhead that comes along with that.
We also have found excellent support with AWS business support in critical times when their teams have worked closely with our teams to thwart attacks on our systems, and helping us get back in data loss scenarios

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