Three Secrets to IT Transformation – DevOps, Containers and SDI

There are plenty of organizations that have ignored the need to change, adapt or innovate. Many were household names and when they faded or failed, they became headline news for all the wrong reasons. The truth is that survival not only depends on the ability to change, but also to change faster than the competition and fast enough to keep up with and satisfy customers’ demands.

Successfully delivering IT transformation is no easy task. Otherwise, everyone would have done it by now. It involves business strategy, people, processes, tools, investment and a host of other factors. Understanding what’s on the to-do list of IT leaders is not the secret to IT transformation.

SUSE’s research shows that there are no major surprises there. DevOps, containers and SDI dovetail as critical elements in the transformation strategy for most businesses. All three have been around for some time. Cloud computing and SDI are well into their second decade, while DevOps got its start way back in 2008, and Linux containers were first available that same year. The real secret to IT transformation is how to bring all the elements together successfully to get the job done. It’s about delivering the full business benefits of DevOps, Containers and SDI.

Reasons to download:

  • Understand how to break down barriers with DevOps
  • Developing workloads with containers
  • Learn how containers are a way of taking virtualization to the next level of efficiency
  • Understand the role of Software-Defined Infrastructure as the future of the Data Center
  • Knowing how to gather the right team and skills

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