Delhi Police ending manual upkeep of some British era record systems

By Sumit Kumar Singh

The Delhi Police, under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, is to go digital from June 1, with abolition of manual upkeep of some British era record maintenance systems. Currently, there are 44 registers to keep records of various things at each police station in the national capital.

Commissioner of Police S.N. Shrivastava carried out a review meeting between May 7 and May 15 about the availability of digital record of the MHA’s ambitious Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS) project. Subsequently, he decided to abolish the manual upkeep of five registers across 202 police stations from June 1.

It was decided digitalise the British era system of record management through the station diary, known as the ‘Roznamcha’ and the complaint register. Keeping the Roznamcha and complaint register in police stations started in 1934 and it continued till date.

Roznamcha contains every complaint preferred to an officer in charge of a police station. “The entries in the this diary are prima facie proof that such complaint as is therein contained was actually made and recorded, though of course it proves nothing as to the truth and falsity of such information,” said a senior IPS officer.

The complaint register is a system of keeping records of all the complaints received AT the police stations.

Shrivastava also decided to digitise Kalandra (police complaints) register. Started with introduction of the Delhi Police Act, 1978, it is a system to keep record of complaints under the act.

The Commissioner also decided to digitalise the missing person and police control room calls registers.

The missing person register, comprises of details and descriptions of missing persons and action taken, is maintained across all the police station as per circular issued in 2003 and standing order issued in 2009.

The police control room calls comprised of details of all PCR calls and was maintained as per a circular issued in 2003.

The circular to abolish manual upkeep of the British era record maintenance system was issued on Wednesday as the police chief has decided to swiftly implement the MHA’s ambitious CCTNS.

“The goals of the system are to facilitate collection, storage, retrieval, analysis, transfer and sharing of data and information at the police station and between the police station and the state headquarters and the Central Police Organizations,” said a senior IPS officer.

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