How To Use Twitter To Your Advantage, 5 CIOs Doing It Right

As of 2019, there are around 330 million monthly active users and 134 million daily active users on Twitter. What makes Twitter such a popular platform? Defining Twitter as a microblogging site is just describing one aspect of it. There is so much more to twitter, especially its impact on the news. 

Twitter makes it big mainly due to these reasons:

  • Microblogging instead of huge paragraphs to read
  • Connects you with high profile individuals and lets them have a platform to share their thoughts
  • Gives information on the latest news that is happening around you

How To Use Twitter to Your Advantage? Here are 5 CIOs that are using Twitter right: 

1. Aneesh Nair, CIO, NDTV Ltd: His twitter is 6578 followers strong and we are not surprised. His bio defines exactly his designation and interests so the viewer knows what to expect. He shares or retweets great articles that are of interest to not just IT but other industries too. No matter how many tricks you use to get on top of the game, at the end of the day your content matters. Providing useful information is a great way to engage on twitter. 

Being active on twitter is very important because if you disappear for a while, the Twitterati will forget you. When you stay active you also stay a part of the conversation. Aneesh is active regularly which works great for engagement. 

2. Anjani Kumar, CIO, Strides Pharma: A good follower list between 3000-4000, his profile usually includes useful articles on a variety of topics and showcases the correct usage of hashtags

Hashtags are very important as they let you enter discussions and be noticed. Be sure to use relevant hashtags when your topic is matching the trending hashtag. 

Originality has its own place in the world and twitter is no different. Be sure to set your voice and tone when creating a social media image. 

Anjani takes up trending issues and comments on them with humour once in a while. 

3. Harmeen Mehta, CIO, Bharti Airtel: She uses twitter in a professional capacity well by announcing events and news related to Airtel.  This keeps the followers and news mongers updated. 

Retweeting with own comment is a great way to keep people engaged since you are adding to the discussion. When Harmeen retweets, she mostly provides her own comment or view on the topic. 

4. Jagdish Belwal, CIO, GE Transportation: He is active on twitter and ensures to add a small personal comment based on whatever topic he has retweeted or article he has shared. This gives a personalized feel to your tweets. 

He also shares pictures from events that give it a more real, human touch

5. Avinash Velhal, CIO, Apac: Along with being regularly active, he shares great articles that are easy to understand. Another great way to get in the discussion is to jump on relevant news. If you have something to say on the topic that is trending, you definitely should. He has spoken about AI which is very relevant and trending for the industry he works in. 

Most CIOs are getting onto the platform and becoming a part of the Twitter community to explore more discussions and share insights. Go ahead, check your twitter and find some great CIOs doing some great work! You can share your views with us in the comment section or Tweet to us @ExpComputer

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