Youtube’s “Bedtime Reminders” Are Important. Here’s Why!

Video streaming platform YouTube is set to launch a Digital Wellbeing feature which will prompt users to log off at night. The feature is called “bedtime reminders” that work with YouTube’s wellness and screen time tools which give the existing “take a break” reminders. 

With this feature, YouTube hopes to promote well being of an individual by helping her/him take a break from screen time and sleep. The users can set a limit to their streaming time so they don’t end up hooked onto the screen at night. 

The thing with video streaming platforms is its exciting and easily accessible content on it. There is always a new suggestion that pops up for the next video. Getting into this cycle of ‘back to back’ streaming makes an individual’s mind more active and hence, they can’t sleep. 

With the ongoing pandemic forcing people to stay at home, they are having a lot more time to indulge in entertainment. Other platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime have seen a hugely increased activity and new users. 

The advantage with Youtube is that it is free except for its premium version. You can trace back to videos of any genre, year, scene, etc. A lot of content creators have found their base on YouTube with an audience that is waiting for their engaging content. 

Why shouldn’t you be on screen at night?

Being on the screen at night affects the pattern, quality, and quantity of our sleep. When we spend time looking at the screen that emits blue light, it hinders our melatonin levels. Melatonin is a chemical that indicates our body to doze off. Usually, when daylight begins to fade, our melatonin levels are more active. However, by being on the screen, this chemical is unable to put us to sleep leading to a major disruption in circadian rhythms

Since our brain is watching videos, it becomes active. This means all your thoughts and emotions are at their peak at night, which again, prevents you from sleeping. Watching videos is a very easy form of entertainment as it is engaging and can be viewed on our phones. On days that you have been busy doing something else, you would still take out that extra time to watch your videos. This extra time will again compromise your sleep timing. 

Even if you are able to manage to get enough sleep, night time browsing leads to poor quality of sleep. A lot of researchers have claimed that people who browse through their phones at night have disturbed and poor quality of sleep. Disturbed sleep will automatically affect your activities the next day. 

YouTube’s reminder should be taken seriously…

Since the feature is soon expected to roll out for iOS and Android phones, users must take full advantage of it. All you have to do is Sign in to Youtube and visit Settings. Once the feature is live, you will notice an option of “Remind me when its time for bed” which you have to turn on. The feature allows you to choose your own time for the reminder. 

The pandemic has had us hooked onto our screens for work and entertainment. It would be refreshing to have a digital detox before going to bed so your mental and physical health is looked after!

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