A New Era: Precise Candidate Screening Made Possible through Interview-as-a-Service

By Ritu Mathran, Co-Founder, Director & CFO of IaaS (Interview as a service) firm InCruiter

The sluggish economy has had a severe impact on the job market, with companies going for layoffs and hiring freezes. Although the market showed revival signs at the beginning of 2022, the job market scenario drastically changed in the last few months, with major tech companies like Meta, Twitter, Amazon, and Google laying off their employees and slowing the hiring process.

In India, job openings in these tech companies have slowed down by 90% compared to their usual hiring. Moreover, many Indian startups – the key employers in the country – have announced mass layoffs this year. While professionals continue to face unprecedented challenges in securing jobs, it is also tough for companies to recruit and retain talented employees. Thus, indicating the need for organisations to adopt more sophisticated and tech-driven recruiting initiatives.

Precise candidate screening and its importance

Candidate screening is one of the vital tasks for a recruiter. But the process of analyzing job applications, scanning resumes, and deciding on the right candidate for a position can be highly taxing. Thus, companies look for ways to improve candidate screening and introduce a recruitment process that is valid and perfect.

While screening candidates for a job profile, pre-employment screening plays a pivotal role by allowing recruiters to hire candidates based on their skills. Moreover, with the help of screening tools, the process becomes faster and more efficient.

Each time an organisation hires a new employee, it makes long-term investments in the candidate. This is where the importance of candidate screening comes in. It enables the recruiter to make the best hiring decisions which will have a massive impact on the organisation in the form of better productivity and lower attrition rates.

Adaption of Interview-as-a-service

The events in the last few years have changed the way recruiters hire. With organisations rapidly embracing innovation and technology, recruitment processes have also changed significantly. Human Resources (HR) professionals have realized the importance of external support to deal with key functions like interviews due to bandwidth crunch or lack of in-house experts to evaluate a candidate by conducting an interview.

Interview-as-a-service can come to the rescue of recruiters to deal with such scenarios and the increasing competition in the job market to hire the best candidates for a job profile. This initiative offers remote interview solutions for businesses to identify the perfect fit for their company. This solution provides a specialized video interview-as-a-service platform for a seamless and accurate evaluation of the right candidates. With cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals, this service helps spot the most talented candidates aligned with the respective job role.

Here are some benefits of the interview-as-a-service:

Find the best fit for a job profile: By leveraging interview-as-a-service, companies can find the best talent by accurately assessing their technical skills and evaluating them to match the job requirements. The interview outsourcing companies deploy panelists with extensive experience across industries to conduct interviews and identify the best candidates.

Efficient and cost-effective: Interview-as-a-service helps companies hire the best candidates while reducing the time and money spent. By getting rid of the traditional system of interviewing and recruiting candidates, organisations can fast-track the entire hiring process. Moreover, companies can also expand their reach to find the best candidates and therefore ensure quality throughout work.

Remove biases

Interview-as-a-service makes the hiring process more transparent and focused on identifying and appointing the right talent. There will be no chance of even any unconscious human bias.

There is cutthroat competition in the job market to hire the best talent. Therefore, organisations must adopt an efficient recruitment process to attract and retain the most skilled candidates. Adapting to the newest technology-driven hiring process can help organisations get the best candidates and avoid the expenses of bad hires. Investing in interview-as-a-service can enable organisations to spot exceptional candidates that might go unnoticed in the traditional hiring process.

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