Addressing the skills gap: How EdTech companies are closing the divide

By Arpita Sarkar, Director of Webskitters Academy

Edtech startups have transformed education from live classrooms to interactive virtual sessions. The definition of education has undergone a major transformation and the reason is attributed to EdTech companies.

With the advent of EdTech companies receiving education and skills has become easy. Now one can hone their skills and learn about new technology from the comfort of their home. There are limitless opportunities for learning in 2024, and degree is not the only parameter on which you are judged.

Since, we are making rapid advancement in the field of technology, the demand for skilled labours is increasing. This is when Edtech companies come to the rescue. According to a report published by Aspiring Minds, in India 94% of engineering students are not fit for hiring.

Therefore, its essential to recognise that providing technical skills training to professionals can help close the gap. Which Edtech companies are doing. Let’s find how.

1. Accessibility-

Edtech companies are closing this divide by facilitating learning for all. They are breaking the barriers by making it feasible for professionals with 9 to 6 job and non-professionals to learn and upskill themselves. Their flexible platform is enabling students to learn from anywhere. This is a boon for aspirants dwelling in the rural areas, having scarce resources and opportunities.

2. Personalised learning

EdTech companies are offering personalized learning through smart tools, that can help students to receive tailored content and recommendations. This adaptive approach to learning is encouraging the students to learn at their own peace and receive guidance when needed.

3. Empowering everyone with digital skills-

By imparting technical skills, EdTech companies are creating job opportunities for non-techies, who wish to enter into the IT industry. With their dynamic courses including STEM, coding, language learning and soft skills, EdTech companies are inviting all to carve their way to a bright future.

4. Closing the opportunity gap-

Through their visionary initiative, EdTech companies are providing avenues for growth to deserving aspirants, who cannot afford the fees of professional courses. Through their portal, EdTech companies are offering affordable or free resources, that can upskill them and help them to kickstart their career.

5. Reskilling women for a remarkable comeback

In 2024, tech giants are looking for skills and anybody who has hands-on experience in that domain can work. By providing comprehensive digital learning courses, EdTech companies are empowering women who had to quit their successful career due to marriage or childbirth. Thereby, opening doors for freshers, women and professionals with career gap, who wish to join the booming IT industry.

6. Up to date learning-

Learning is an essential part of life and in this technology driven world, one needs to have hands on knowledge about the technological advancements. This issue is being addressed by EdTech companies by offering training and certification, that can further help the aspirants in getting placed at a reputed firm.

Their tailored digital courses are helping professionals and non-professionals to reskill them to stay competitive. Which might help them to grab better opportunities in today’s rapidly evolving job market.

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