AI Prophecies: Predicting The Major Developments And Trends In AI For 2023 

By Siddharth Pant, Head of Data Sciences (Academics & Operations), UNext Learning.

January is not just about resolutions. It’s about predictions and analysis, too. As tech enthusiasts, this is one of those exciting times as we ponder about and compile all information, we have on technologies to prophesize the major developments on the cards for the upcoming year.
As far as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is concerned, possibilities and developments are potentially limitless. But not every development needs to be ground-breaking. That’s where our expertise and sense of rationality come in. From the time AI was considered a buzzword, we are now working on making the most sense and use of AI technologies.

This is exactly why we need to pick the most sensible AI developments that will eventually help and complement the visions and goals of enterprises, consumers, and the inevitable Industry 4.0.

Let’s look at what the major developments could be for AI this year.

5 Major AI Developments We Need to Keep an Eye Out For Responsible AI To Become a Practice
Debates and discussions on AI systems being responsible have been happening for quite some time. While such conversations certainly assist in bringing about changes at the mindset and policy level, this year, we will witness such policies become practices.

Steps are being taken in the right direction and we could soon expect protocols and compliance frameworks like the GDPR for AI. With the rise of generative AI, there needs to be a solid stance on what is ethical, what counts as the work of AI, how to justify AI outcomes and results, and more.

Increase In Generative AI Applications
Last year, we witnessed the onset of some of the most powerful AI tools that allows anyone to be a creator or an artist. From GPT3, Stable Diffusion, and Open AI apps to the revolutionary ChatGPT, there was no dearth of generative AI tools. This year, we predict more such tools to crop up as well. While such tools indeed help in the democratization of AI, to what extent is something we will have to work on collectively.

Strengthened Cybersecurity
We live in an age of constant threats, vulnerabilities, and most importantly, misinformation. With the rise in the number of devices, we use every day, an attacker needs to exploit just one obvious loophole in any of our devices to gain access to our entire ecosystem.

This is where AI will come in and strengthen cybersecurity further. From AI-based anomaly detection tools and algorithms to fake news detection modules, we will witness AI fighting its consequences and outcomes effectively. With this, enterprises and industries will be able to have more reliable, airtight, and safer data servers and optimized maintenance of information.

Integrated Ecosystems
Though AI systems are currently deployed, most operations happen in siloes right now. This year, we can see more integration amongst AI systems and ecosystems that will enable data and information interoperability to ultimately strengthen machine learning models and their respective outcomes. CTOs will also be getting into such intricacies and specifics of AI implementations this year, moving away from the basic deployment of AI systems.

No Code AI
No code has been nothing less than a revolution in the software development space. As far as AI was concerned, there was still skepticism about its implementation, considering the complexity of AI systems. But that wouldn’t be a factor anymore as in 2023, we will experience No Code AI. This means a layman can get hands-on with AI technologies, build AI-specific systems, and program solutions with minimal knowledge of coding.

Final Thoughts
The growth of AI is rapid and autonomous. We are at the crossroads of AI development, where the decision and protocols we set now will define the direction we go forward this year. With thousands of tech enthusiasts, analysts, and professionals working on this, we can truly believe the next step will be relevant and reliable. What do you think are some of the most inevitable AI developments in the line for 2023?

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