How are generative AI tools enabling creatives to experiment with more choices?

Imagine a world where every creative thought could be explored, where every “what if” was answered almost instantly. That is the world that generative AI has made accessible to us today. In the creative professions, the integration of AI technology is akin to a fantasy coming true, with human ingenuity and advanced technology transforming the traditional brainstorming environment. This capability allows creatives to delve into and move past first-principles thinking quickly, allowing them to explore and utilise ideas and concepts more efficiently and effectively.

Due to its ability to swiftly generate a wide array of creative possibilities from a simple prompt, generative AI is dramatically speeding up the journey from concept to execution across disciplines. Especially in creative fields where time is of the essence, generative AI breakthroughs allow professionals to quickly iterate and go live with creative assets that are data-backed and relevant. It’s a game changer, levelling the playing field by empowering small businesses and solo entrepreneurs to produce professional-quality creative materials previously considered the exclusive privilege of those with bigger budgets and more resources.

Generative AI excels at personalising marketing communications, diving into large datasets to tailor content that resonates with individual preferences and behaviours. And this is true across industries. JPMorgan Chase harnessed this power to dramatically refine ad copy, achieving a stunning 450% boost in click-through rates by analysing vast language data pools. BMW merged technology with aesthetics, projecting AI-generated art onto their 8 Series Gran Coupé, crafting a profound emotional resonance with their audience. Over at Netflix, AI-driven customisation shapes viewer experiences by personalising recommendations and thumbnails, significantly ramping up engagement and viewer satisfaction.

Many brands and companies are using generative AI toolkits to produce tailored ad creatives within a span of weeks. Traditionally, producing a high volume of customised creatives would take months of continuous work, placing a significant burden on the creative team. The manual process involves extensive brainstorming, designing, and testing, consuming valuable resources and time and potentially leading to burnout among team members. The strategic application not only expands their reach but also enhances the quality of each customer interaction, leading to a remarkable increase in installation volume, a reduction in the cost per install, and a decrease in the cost per first transaction.

Further demonstrating the practical benefits of generative AI, the banking sector is also utilising generative AI to significantly boost campaign performance and craft campaigns tailored to the audience, making them scalable and adaptable across different customer segments. In ad campaigns, personalisation parameters such as interests, relationship status, gender, and live event APIs are leveraged to create a diverse array of creatives at scale. And brands can even conduct extensive A/B testing, providing deep insights into which products resonate best with specific segments of their customer base.

These examples serve as compelling evidence of how generative AI is transforming creativity by empowering brands to accomplish more with less. By streamlining the creative process and expanding possibilities, this technology empowers marketers and creatives to experiment with a multitude of choices previously beyond reach. From personalised marketing campaigns to innovative storytelling, generative AI is reshaping the landscape of creative expression, levelling the playing field for businesses of all sizes. Indeed, it’s both fascinating and exciting to witness the possibility that this “partner in crime,” generative AI, can whip up for brands and marketers. As we continue to explore and integrate this technology, we’re not just observing an evolution in creativity but a revolution in how ideas are generated and realised.

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