How Can An Organisation Transition Smoothly Into The first Lockdown?

By Prasad Rajappan, Founder, ZingHR

As the lockdown is slowly easing in our nation, the workforce is getting ready to go back to work and start their regular operations. After a small hiccup, the organizations might face a challenging task to smoothly transition again but it is not impossible. With proper planning and strategy, organizations can make sure that the transition is smooth and they are up and running with no hiccups and in as little time as possible.

Here are a few steps that businesses should follow so that their businesses don’t face any problems after the businesses start operating.

1)      Retaining Your Customers Should Be Your First Priority

Make sure that after the restart your brand value stands out in the crowd. Make sure that you cater to your existing clients. Brand loyalty is something that helped you operate during tough times and it is something that will help you operate after everything restarts. Make sure that you communicate with them and tell them how you plan to move forward with them. Also, explain it to them how the restart and your plans will benefit them and be open about your communications and offerings. Loyalty is very important in any business and customer retention is cheaper and more profitable than getting new customers.

2)      Strategize For All Possible Scenarios

Once everything is resumed, build long and short term strategies as to how you will tackle various situations. Covid-19 has surely caused a lot of problems but it will be worse if you do not plan for such circumstances in the future. Apply whatever you have learned during this period and create plans for a number of situations. Take help from various departments and make sure that the next time any situation arises, you fight it and win that battle with your strategy.

3)      Keep The Current Situation In Mind While Giving New Offerings

While marketing your business offerings or inventing new offerings, make sure that you keep the current situation in mind and keep your offerings in line with the same. Your offerings should be based on how it will benefit the companies with their operations after the pandemic and not only that but it should have a long term value and should benefit them in the long run as well. Make offerings that will show that you care for your customers, prospects etc. and you want to be a leader in turning the economy around.

4)      Give More Power To Your Employees

You should create such an atmosphere in your workspace that our employees feel empowered and every employee should feel like a leader. Have brainstorming sessions as to what you should do and try to take the opinions of your employees. This will make them feel valued and it is important as it will improve your employee’s loyalty towards your company. Their opinions can surely be used to make important business decisions as every employee will have different opinions on different things. Value your employees because they will never let you down.

5)      Adapt To The Digital Transformation in HR and Business

One positive thing that has happened during the lockdown is the emergence of technology and a human’s dependence on it. Work from home as possible because technology played a major part in it and technology is here to stay. From video conferencing to the offerings that you provide, technology will play an important role in it. Businesses and Enterprises were able to keep their employees engaged through HR Tech Software Solutions and Work from Home Products. You should make sure that you adapt to this transformation because if you do not get used to it, there is a high probability that you will be left behind while others adapt to it and reap the benefits of the same.


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