How can technology help businesses to stay compliant with Labour Law?

By Mahesh Krishnamoorthy, Managing Director, Core Integra

We all would agree that technology is the engine for change today which makes it all the more important to transform our business with technology. Each day, the world is witnessing a new way forward with technological advancements across all sectors.

Tech for Labour Law Compliance

Labour Law strives to correct and maintain the balance between the employer and its employees ensuring a safe and secure workplace. With advancements in technology, it has become easier for businesses and organisations to adhere to comprehensive compliance measures.

Some of the ways how technology is empowering Labour Law Compliance are:

Time and Attendance Software
It is essential for companies to have a proper strategy in place for time and attendance management. A software for the same can help in efficient tracking of employee attendance, overtime and other important metrics. This helps in ensuring compliance with Labour Laws dictating Minimum wage and overtime pay requirements. Futuristic technology has the potential to automate compliance processes to reduce human error.

Payroll Software
Payroll operations can become an underappreciated science from an organizational point of view, while it touches and affects every aspect of the company.
Payroll softwares can help companies to ensure compliance with Minimum wages, overtime pay and other payroll related regulations and avoid costly mistakes that can result in fines.

Compliance Management Software
A centralized system for tracking an organization’s overall compliance measure can be beneficial for a comprehensive and streamlined process in place. A Compliance management software provides the same and helps the organization in tracking, audits and reporting.

Human Resource System (HRS)
Human resource management is the most essential component for any organization to build a solid foundation for a people centric workplace environment. A Human Resource Information system can provide a centralized tracking of employee data. By creating a streamlined and standardized platform for data management such as job titles and descriptions, performance reviews and other crucial information, organizations can ensure compliance with Labour Law requirements for provision of certain employee benefits and protection measures.

Capacity Building
It is important for employees to have a clear understanding about their rights, benefits and responsibilities. An online capacity building platform can provide the necessary information and training to all employees on harassment prevention, workplace safety and labour laws.

Background Checks
Background check is a basic yet a very crucial aspect of hiring and recruitment. With a proper background check software in place, organizations have a tool to stay compliant and reduce the odds of a bad hire. All past employment details, certifications and other data can be compiled at a common portal with easy access to the same, as and when required.

Technology is the future and the roadmap for tomorrow!

With advancements in technology, all businesses are incorporating digital solutions to automate mundane tasks, and are redirecting their resources to perform other key tasks.

With technological advancements in the field of Labour Law Compliance such as Payroll software, time & attendance software, Human resource information software, background check software etc. organizations can ensure their compliance with Labour Law and regulations and create a culture of ethics and trust.

Labour Law Compliance
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