How Health-tech Brands are Delivering affordable and accessible Healthcare services in Rural areas via Telemedicine?

By Ayush Atul Mishra, CEO and co-founder, Tattvan E-Clinics

In India, the idea of telemedicine is flourishing, especially in rural areas where direct healthcare facilities and delivery are difficult to come by. To cater to the needs of people in rural areas, health tech companies now use telemedicine technologies. Health-tech brands are using innovative and cutting-edge technology and are becoming increasingly popular. Furthermore, the penetration of cellphones, personal gadgets, greater internet bandwidth, and new commercial software platforms that appear to link people and healthcare service providers has spurred telehealth. Along with the advancements in technology, patients in remote areas are becoming more knowledgeable and interested in this cutting-edge medical facility, which significantly improves their health.

However, the adoption of telemedicine technology by health tech brands shows that there needs to be a strong push to use this method following the increased demand. Reduced expenses as well as creative and effective telemedicine utilisation can speed up the process of telemedicine becoming a mainstream healthcare technology. Moreover, health-tech brands can give patients precise, rapid consultations by utilising telemedicine technology.

Telemedicine: The Need of the Hour

Majority of urban areas in India are home to top hospitals which offer exceptional healthcare. However, rural areas stay deprived of these services due to a lack of resources. In addition, their inability to travel to urban areas and seek treatment is also largely impossible due to the high costs involved. But with advancement in technology, people residing in rural areas can now access the best doctors, thanks to telemedicine. As a result, rural people can now speak with an expert without having to visit urban hospitals, discuss their issues and get an accurate diagnosis. One of the major benefits that e-clinic offers are individualized attention and constant follow-ups, which would result in a speedy recovery.

Telemedicine Is Accessible And Affordable

Compared to traditional clinics, telemedicine is more affordable. Patients who visit telemedicine clinics for treatment receive superior care while paying significantly less. For instance, the average OPD in a telemedicine clinic is much more affordable, whereas the average OPD in a traditional clinic costs almost twice as much. Therefore, those in rural areas concerned about cost reap double rewards from using telemedicine clinics.

Rural areas are witnessing a significant increase in digitalization. Young people actively adopt digital technologies in rural regions as they see enormous possibilities/potential in the same. Additionally, children are adaptive and quickly become used to utilising new technologies. As they utilise digital technologies frequently throughout the day, people in their middle and late years are getting increasingly interested in them. They get to experience the wonder of modern technology directly when they go to a telemedicine facility. Patients trust telemedicine and digital technology more when they receive expert diagnosis and treatment.

All Things Considered!

With the evolving era, health-tech brands are using innovative and advanced technology that is becoming increasingly popular in rural areas and benefiting them with accessible and affordable medical services. Villagers can visit a telemedicine facility and are examined by specialists. The doctor talks with patients while monitoring them on a computer screen. The health-tech brands use new-age technologies to provide patients easy access to top-notch medical treatment, due to which they are becoming an essential part of the healthcare ecosystem.

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