How XR is transforming the way brands connect with their customers in 2023

For years, businesses have been seeking new ways to engage customers, develop loyalty, and increase sales. Although it is still a novel concept, the metaverse provides business leaders with an unprecedented opportunity to exhibit goods and services. The metaverse improves customer experiences, which undoubtedly accelerates the growth of XR. This opens up a variety of opportunities for businesses to contact, interact, and directly communicate with customers through games and social entertainment platforms.

Nowadays, XR is a powerful marketing tool since businesses cannot always provide the in-person interactions required to leave a lasting impression on their clients. When implemented correctly, XR may enhance customer happiness, increase revenue, and even offer up new opportunities for corporate growth. XR is reviving marketing and customer experience initiatives. It is built on the foundations of community, immersive experiences, and innovation. Here’s some information on how a few prominent corporations are employing technology.

Speaking on how XR and technologies are paving the way for brands to connect with their customers more effectively, Mr. Kanav Singla, CEO, and Founder,, said “XR is empowering enterprises to craft immersive experiences for the modern customer across their different touch-points of website, app, and physical stores. The AR & VR technology is enabling the transition from showcasing product information to giving the actual product experience virtually with true-to-product realism, real-time interactions, and reach across all consumer devices. Today, brands are already adopting XR-Commerce and seeing significant boosts in customer engagement and conversion. Consumers are loving the personalization offered by XR and the ability to experience the products from anywhere, anytime, along with their friends and family in a shared virtual environment. Our award-winning 3D & XR technology company is enabling use cases like comparison of 2 vehicles via advanced AR Streaming, inventory-less XR solutions for automotive dealerships, training use-cases via web-based VR Streaming, in addition to creating immersive AR & VR applications for industries like automotive, home decor, fashion, and accessories. XR is here and going to stay”.

On this, Yash Pariani, Founder and CEO at House of Gaming, said, “XR, or extended reality, is revolutionizing the way brands interact with their customers in 2023. By providing immersive experiences through virtual and augmented reality, brands are able to connect with their customers in more personal and engaging ways than ever before. Through XR, brands are able to create interactive product demos, virtual showrooms, and even personalized experiences that allow customers to see and feel products in ways that were once only possible in person. This not only enhances the customer experience but also allows brands to showcase their products in unique and innovative ways.

In addition, XR is providing new opportunities for customer engagement and loyalty through gamification, social media integrations, and other interactive features. This creates a deeper level of engagement between brands and customers, increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. As XR technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more transformative experiences that will change the way brands connect with their customers in the years to come.”

Sharing his insights in relevance to the topic, Mr Rohit Bansal, Founder, Super4 said, “XR technology is revolutionizing the way our gaming company connects with our customers, offering immersive experiences that go beyond the traditional boundaries of gaming. Through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology, we can create unforgettable experiences that allow players to fully immerse themselves in our games and connect with our brand in a way that was previously impossible. From interactive product demos to in-game events and social interactions, XR has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for our brand to engage with our customers.

“Moreover, XR allows us to reach a broader audience, including those who may not have had access to traditional gaming platforms before. As the technology continues to evolve, we are excited to see how we can use XR to enhance the gaming experience for our customers and connect with them on a deeper level. At our company, we believe that XR is not just a tool, but a game-changer that is transforming the future of gaming and the way we connect with our customers.” he added.

The XR browsing and commercial sectors are also benefiting from the arrival of 5G at the ideal moment. The creative community is reacting to the consumer demand for new communication and experience forms by evolving constantly. There is an anticipation of a rise in the usage of relevant technologies, tools, and instruction in the area of XR in the upcoming year.

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