Parenting in the Digital Age: A Guide to Choosing Tech-Enabled Preschools

By Dhruv Ahuja, CEO & Founder, Ikidz

In a highly digitised age, parents manifest to inculcate their children with absolute knowledge of technology from the beginning itself to solidify their future success. Since preschools are the haven for moulding the foundational years of a child’s life, what they learn during those years can last a lifetime. Subsequently, this makes parents extremely cognizant of choosing highly versatile and advanced tech-enabled preschools.

In recent years, technology integration in preschoolers’ education has become a game-changer in delivering personalised learning. By making education more fun and interactive by using a robust arsenal – AR applications, ERP apps and much more, teachers and parents have been able to tap into the receptivity of young minds, paving the way for both cognitive and emotional development.

Augmented Reality (AR) being an interactive experience assimilates the real world and computer-generated content. Additionally, it stimulates multiple sensory modalities, making a successful mark in opening up new avenues in preschool education. By allowing young learners to immerse in realistic experiences, AR elevates the learning process with computer simulations, 3D virtualisation, etc. making it enhanced, effective and evocative.

Curriculum and Educational Approach
Departing from the traditional chalkboard and chart paper educational approach for preschoolers, parents have seismically shifted their preference to a tech-integrated curriculum. The augment of AR technology for early childhood learning brings forth a layer of interactive and engaging experiences. It enhances skill development in communication, numeracy, language and digital literacy while fostering creativity, inclusivity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. With a harmonious balance between digitisation and real-life experiences, tech-enabled preschools deliver holistic education.

Teacher Qualification and Training
As parents, there is no doubt that you would want your children to receive education from the most nurturing, qualified and digitally literate educators. Since, teachers after parents are the guiding light in any student’s life, especially young children, by incorporating STEM in preschool education, educators empower students with digital literacy and tech-savviness. Apparently, it remains one of the most vital skills to thrive in the 21st-century workforce.

In addition, by leveraging data-driven insights, educators can guarantee extra support and more individually tailored learning. Preschools can enrich a child’s education by providing training and development opportunities for teachers to keep pace with technological advancements, boosting continuous growth.

Parental Involvement and Communication
Effective interaction between parents and children is a critical step in their early education journey. Technological innovations like interactive apps facilitate seamless conversation between children and parents, proving to be a productive influence on both education and communication.

Furthermore, ERP apps equip educators with tools to share real-time updates, progress reports and personalised feedback with parents, helping them focus their time and efforts on improving the pain points of their child’s development. Thus, technology is instrumental in bridging the gap between home and school, cultivating a balanced partnership for the child’s well-rounded development.

Visiting and Assessing Tech-Enabled Preschools
It is self-evident that every parent wants the absolute best for their children. Here, the imperative is for parents to pay attention to children’s education by visiting and meticulously assessing every possible tech-enabled preschool. Begin this journey by understanding the school’s approach to technological integration, followed by observing the utilisation of classroom tech, to assess the balance between tech and real-life activities. It’s easy for children to get addicted to technology, which is why parents need to choose an educational odyssey that takes proactive steps to put a limit and foster a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Parenting in the digital age is no walk in the park, it is peppered with challenging steps throughout the journey. But with technology becoming the pillar of modern-day education even for preschoolers, parents and educators are one step ahead in opening up new avenues of interactive and experiential learning for young learners.

With the thoughtful implementation and effective pedagogy, digitised education can cultivate an ephemeral love for engrossed learning, promoting a nurturing environment where the focus remains on building a cohesive bond between students, educators and parents.

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