Why video security systems are more than just security devices

By Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd.

Nobody could have imagined that video security cameras, which used to be a subset of man-guarding functions will become so advanced, intelligent and omnipresent. With the advent of AIoT technology, this futuristic idea has become a reality. In the age of AIoT video security cameras and sensors are adding value through smart solutions.

Video Data Insights
The video security systems are moving beyond the security functions and adding value to the core management functions. The huge data pool collated by the video security cameras and providing vital clues to the organizations and decision makers. It is really an amazing revelation for those who perceived security as a cost. The more we dig deep into the video data sets and explore the video analytics, it is becoming very clear that video data is driving the key decisions based on insights across verticals. The video security data is playing a definitive role in Smart Cities, Retail, Banking, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Education and Homeland Security verticals.

The convergence of IoT enabled systems and AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications are transforming the Security Management system into more intelligent and proactive functions with a shorter response time. The AIoT based security solutions are adding value by offering real-time alerts and proactive security solutions. The innovative AIoT based integrated security systems (Video Security Systems) has helped to transform the smart manufacturing sector to the next level.

Intelligent Solutions
These days video security cameras are moving beyond the security domain and adding value through business intelligence functions in the banking, retail, real estate, transportation, hospitality, healthcare, Oil & Gas, education and many other verticals. To illustrate the value addition done by intelligent solutions provided by the AI enabled video Security Cameras, here are some applications that show how video security cameras are adding value through Business Intelligence and other valuable inputs.

Enabling Intelligent Solutions
To enable the intelligent solutions you need to have AI enabled video Security cameras, which may help you in different verticals with value added smart solutions.

VIP Customer recognition: For Banking, Hospitality and Retail sector to greet and facilitate the High Net Worth customers.

Smart Retail Solutions with BI platform: For enhancing customer experience and competitive edge smart cameras are equipped with people counting and heat mapping capabilities. They provide real-time awareness of customers’ journeys through the mall or retail shop. This adds up to the comprehensive business intelligence data while performing the core security functions in the retail space. The careful study of intelligent video analytics provides new insights on consumers’ behaviour and demographics.

Smart Parking Solutions: With the help of AI enabled cameras it is quite convenient to guide the patrons of hotel, bank or mall to the next available parking space. This smart solution offers convenience and adds value to the customer experience.

Student Attendance with AI Analytics: For education sector student attendance cameras with AI analytics provide an authentic data which can’t be tempered or fudged.

Traffic Congestion Detection with AI Analytics: The traffic congestion detection with AI analytics helps the traffic management authorities to plan and implement strategies to ease the traffic flow and manage the traffic situation more effectively.

These examples prove the point that smart video security products go beyond the realm of security and provide highly valuable solutions that are smart and scalable in data terms. There are many more applications that go beyond the security domain.

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