Women’s Day Special: Shanai Ghosh, CEO and Executive Director, Edelweiss General Insurance

Shanai shares the lessons she’s learned, both as a professional and a woman

International Women’s Day has definitely elevated the conversation around gender parity. It has led to progressive discussion in society about women, the roles that they play and the value that their unique perspective brings to any organization. Change isn’t just a talking point anymore, it’s something you see around you: occasions like Women’s Day create a visible platform to talk about this change that is taking place in organizations and society, and hopefully encourage many more to walk this path. We have come some distance, but a lot more needs to be done.

At Edelweiss General Insurance, both the CEO and the Appointed Actuary, Tania Chakrabarti, are women. “We would be a fairly unique combination in the Industry, but I would like to see many more women to grow and join the leadership team,” said Shanai Ghosh, CEO and Executive Director, Edelweiss General Insurance.

Shanai shares the lessons she’s learned, both as a professional and a woman. Lesson number one – roll up your sleeves and get the job done. “You may be brilliant but there is no substitute for hard work,” feels Ghosh. Second lesson – taking full ownership and responsibility. “This is a tenet I live by and I value people who demonstrate it.” The last is to keep a curious mind and be a learner, no matter how senior or accomplished you may be, “You have to keep evolving with the landscape around you. Never has change been so constant as it is now, keep your curiosity alive and use it to your advantage.”

The Edelweiss Group is no stranger to women achievers of the very highest level. It has partnered with the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) to sponsor the Indian contingent for all games including Commonwealth Games 2018, Asian Games 2018, the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 and the National Games 2019 and 2020. As part of the Group, Shanai has met sportswomen like Hima Das, Rani Rampal, Manika Batra, Mirabai Chanu, etc. “Their determination and tenacity to succeed despite the odds, is incredibly inspiring,” says Shanai. “They wear their successes very lightly and are hungry for more.”

Edelweiss GI has recently filed for a policy that is specific to women under the regulatory sandbox, for approval. Women are a distinct segment and thus, their needs and concerns are unique. “At Edelweiss General Insurance, it’s not just about selling policies tailored for women but how we can create a platform and more compelling value for them through adjacent services in collaboration with partners.” Ghosh concludes.

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