GOQii launches smart watch with integrated Pulse Oximeter to monitor Covid 19 vitals

GOQii has announced its entry into the smart watch category with GOQii Smart Vital. GOQii Smart Vital is a revolutionary device with an integrated Pulse Oximeter that will measure the rate of oxygen in your blood and will give real-time updates of variation in blood oxygen levels. According to medical experts, COVID-19 patients are found to have lower oxygen rate, hence the device is crucial in diagnosing and monitoring COVID-19 symptoms. The perfect combination of tracking body temperature and oxygen rate, will help in immediate tracking of potential cases.

With the nature of the virus and its rapid spread, the key in controlling its numbers is early detection and confinement of the suspected cases. With the smart watch, an individual can immediately get a sense of changes in their vitals and co-relate to a bigger health problem. Due to its unique features of detecting sleep, steps, calories and heart rate, it also gives users a glimpse into various parameters that reflect the health and fitness of an individual.

GOQii has been involved with several projects in the remote health monitoring space across the country. The company expects momentum to pick up significantly with the launch of Smart Vital. The smart-watch can be connected to a centralized dashboard that enables remote monitoring of a large user group. This monitoring is continuous and would require minimal user intervention. GOQii will also soon be launching a specialized application and dashboard to enable remote monitoring for COVID Care Centers and home quarantine solutions for housing societies.

GOQii has strived to be proactive in offering robust solutions for those working in the frontline. The company reached out to the Police when there were less than a 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection in Maharashtra. Now GOQii counts the Mumbai, Jalandhar and Nashik Police as early users on the remote monitoring solution. The Police are using the solution to ensure that frontline corona warriors are removed from the frontline on the first sign of infection and are provided timely healthcare interventions. With this launch, the company is expanding the solution to allow for remote monitoring for those in home quarantine.
GOQii is already working with thousands of users in their health monitoring solutions. The vision behind these initiatives is to enable high-quality proactive healthcare solutions at scale. GOQii has over half a decade of experience in the internet of health and leverages this to deliver exceptional health monitoring solutions. In this new paradigm, consumers and organizations are trusting GOQii as their first layer of protection against the coronavirus with the company’s wearable integrated remote monitoring solution.

Vishal Gondal, Founder and CEO, GOQii said, “We are on the path of innovation with
GOQii Smart Vital that will help in detection, isolation and monitoring of coronavirus cases. The key is to understand your symptoms and correlate them to changes in body vitals. As we battle the pandemic, this smart device will enable you to understand your health better while you Keep A Watch on crucial parameters such as blood oxygen levels, body temperature, heart rate & blood pressure. The moment you detect temperature changes coupled with low blood oxygen levels, you know you have to contact your healthcare provider and get tested”.

“The GOQii Vital 3.0 was handed over to Mumbai, Jalandhar and Nashik police, and we have seen the impact it has had on our police force. It helped them in quick detection and isolation thus ensuring that the virus does not spread. Using such devices will eventually become a necessity as we are slowly gearing to resume normal life”, said Akshay Kumar at the launch of GOQii Smart Vital.

GOQii has partnered with German health tech startup, Thryve, to conduct a clinical study for the early detection of COVID-19 infections based on data collected by its wearables. Thryve focuses on aggregation and analysis of health data generated by wearables, medical devices and other health data sources. The company is working with the German government on preventing COVID-19 spread through wearable devices.

GOQii Smart Vital will be available for order from the GOQii App and will be soon available on online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. It is only a screening device and not a medical device. It is recommended that it be used for screening purposes only. All data collected by GOQii is subjected to HIPAA, GDPR and relevant data privacy guidelines.

GOQii Smart Vital is priced in India at a MRP of INR 5999/- and comes with one year warranty

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