“SAR values deal solely with thermal aspects of EMR. The non-thermal aspects are more dangerous”

Pranav Poddar, Director, Syenergy Environics Ltd., talked to Mehak Chawla about the Enviro Chip, a radiation nullifying solution and the rising awareness of radiation’s effects in India

Radiation has been a hotly debated topic in India. What is the industry’s perspective on this subject?
Radiation as a term is commonly perceived as something related to nuclear sources and large scale disaster. Awareness on Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) from electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, computers, Wi-Fi routers, servers, etc. is still quite low. People are concerned about the harmful effects of EMR from gadgets but they do not know of any solutions to counter this problem. The mobile and telecom industry is of the view that the levels of EMR are insignificant and that these will not harm people.

In addition, there are standards now in almost every country on Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) values, which most of the major mobile manufacturers comply with. However, this is solving only part of the problem as SAR values deal solely with the thermal aspects of EMR. The non-thermal aspects of EMR are more dangerous but there are no norms set to take care of this aspect. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) have published a report in May 2011 and it has classified mobile phone radiation into group 2B or possibly carcinogenic—the same category in which cigarettes have been classified.
In what manner is radiation affecting the workforce that is always surrounded by gadgets?   
EMR from electronic gadgets causes stress levels in the body to increase. Increased stress is known to reduce immunity levels in the body, which in turn makes the body more susceptible to disease and other adverse health conditions. People whose nature of work is such that they speak on the mobile or cordless phones for more than two hours a day or work in front of the computer for long hours (over four hours a day) are at a greater risk. A large chunk of the outsourcing industry falls under this category.
What are the technology solutions that you are offering for the radiation issue?
EMR can’t be blocked or deflected. The intensity of EMR can’t be reduced through any permanent method. However, the nature of radiation can be changed through any technique or method which produces a higher frequency naturally and superimposes lower frequency signals. These can be done through various methods such as generating noise, through inert materials, etc. We have developed a chip, known as the Enviro Chip, which shields people from the effects of radiation from mobile phones and computers. The chip is made up of inert materials and works on the principle mentioned earlier. The cost of the Enviro Chip ranges from Rs. 275 to Rs. 850, depending upon the gadget for which it is to be used.
Who is adopting such solutions?
Many PSUs, private sector companies and multinational companies are buying the Enviro Chip from us to gift it to their employees and customers and to show that ‘they care’.
Individuals are seeking solutions and buying the products directly from us through our online portal at www.envirochip.co.in. CEOs and HR heads of many companies are seeking these solutions for the well-being of their employees and customers. Some of the largest buyers of our products are in the IT/BPO, Oil & Gas, Hospitality and BFSI sectors. Our customers include Taj Hotels, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Bharti AXA, Elder Pharmaceuticals and Central Bank of India, to name a few.

It’s the age of telecommunications and there are a lot of towers springing up. What is the potential for a company like yours in this scenario?
We have developed low cost solutions for nullifying the harmful effects of radiation from mobile transmission towers and base stations also. The cost of correction of a single tower is between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000. Many companies that have towers installed on the rooftops of their buildings or within their campuses are seeking solutions from us and we are fixing a strip known as the Enviro Strip at certain strategic locations on the towers or base stations, which nullify the harmful effect of radiation on occupants of the buildings on which the towers are installed.

Proof of correction can be shown through some scientific instruments that we have and also through measurement of pulse rate of the occupants of the building on which the tower is installed.
What is the addressable market for you in India?
The market potential for us is to offer solutions to each and every individual in urban India as they are surrounded by various types of gadgets emitting EMR all round the day and even at night.
Also, every built up space including offices and homes, etc. has many EMR emitting gadgets such as computers, routers, servers, etc. and we can offer solutions for them.
What are your growth plans for India?  
Our plan is to grow by over 100% year-on-year for the next three years at least. We have started selling our products and solutions in 2011 and have set a target to achieve a sales of Rs. 10 crores by the end of FY 2012-13.

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