GMMCO Welcomes Ganesan Sivaramakrishnan to Lead IT and SAP Operations

In a strategic move towards IT excellence and digital transformation, GMMCO has appointed Ganesan Sivaramakrishnan as the new leader for its IT and SAP operations.

With over 25 years of remarkable experience, including his role as Head of IT, SAP, and Digital Initiatives at BGR Group, Ganesan Sivaramakrishnan brings a wealth of expertise to GMMCO. He has successfully steered IT infrastructure and SAP systems at BGR Group, showcasing his prowess in driving innovation and efficiency.

Ganesan Sivaramakrishnan’s background as a co-founder further highlights his dynamic leadership abilities, making him a perfect fit for GMMCO’s journey towards technological advancement and growth.

Industry experts anticipate that Ganesan Sivaramakrishnan’s leadership will elevate GMMCO’s capabilities, fostering innovation and driving strategic IT initiatives to new heights.

Ganesan SivaramakrishnanGMMCO
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