Rohith Chintawar joins Prism Johnson as Chief Digital Officer

Rohith Chintawar, a seasoned technology professional with a remarkable track record of achievements in the field of digital transformation and strategic operations, has joined Prism Johnson Limited as its Chief Digital Officer. Prism Johnson is one of India’s largest integrated building materials companies, offering a wide range of products from cement and ready-mixed concrete to tiles and bath products.

Expressing his enthusiasm on joining Prism Johnson, Rohith Chintawar said, “In this role at Prism Johnson, I will be spearheading digital transformation journey, leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies, data analytics, and Industry 4.0 advancements. My primary focus is on building a robust digital team from the ground up, establishing core systems, and fortifying information and security layers to ensure the integrity and protection of our data”

As the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Prism Johnson Limited, Rohith will spearhead a cutting-edge digital transformation journey, leveraging AI technologies, data analytics, and Industry 4.0 advancements. His primary focus is on building a robust digital team, establishing core systems, and fortifying information security to ensure data integrity and protection.

With over five years of experience as the Head of Digital Transformation at HIL Limited (formerly known as Hyderabad Industries Ltd), Rohith led transformative initiatives that propelled the organization into the digital age. His expertise in driving digital innovation was honed during his tenure as a Senior Consultant at Hitachi Consulting, where he played a pivotal role in various projects focusing on supply chain optimization, operations management, and research. Prior to that, Rohith served as a Senior Analyst at Deloitte, gaining valuable insights “”into business strategy and analytics.

Throughout his career, Rohith has demonstrated a keen ability to navigate complex challenges, implement strategic initiatives, and drive tangible results. His accomplishments include leading digital initiatives that enhanced operational efficiency, developing AI-driven solutions for improved decision-making, and fostering a culture of innovation within organizations. Rohith’s hands-on experience and visionary leadership have consistently contributed to the growth and success of the companies he has been a part of, making him a respected figure in the digital transformation landscape.

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