10 software testing trends for 2016

2015 witnessed tremendous increase in adoption of digital transformation, and digital assurance will now play a key role in 2016.

Pradeep Govindasamy, CTO & President – Americas at Cigniti Technologies, predicts the following key software testing trends for this year:

1. Digital Assurance: It ensures successful digital transformation by executing comprehensive testing across the digital value chain from content creation to content distribution covering the entire digital ecosystem – Social Media, Mobility, Big Data & Analytics, and Cloud.

2. Security Testing: Enormous data is accessed and shared via web-based, mobile and cloud-based applications. Security testing will become a strategic business priority for many organizations to curb data breach.

3. Test Data Management (TDM): To create, manage and maintain complex data sets is a challenge especially while testing in Agile and DevOps environments. This ensures a growing need for TDM services.

4. Client Centric TCoEs: Organizations today seek to set up Agile TCoEs to be more flexible and collaborative with SDLC. Setting up customized, client-centric TCoEs is one of the key trends to watch out for this year.

5. Test Automation: It will grow enormously with robust automated testing tools delivering bug-free, high-quality software. Test automation will drive the future of software testing and help avoid routine testing, enabling test engineers to focus on complex test scenarios.

6. Testing in Agile & DevOps Environments: Organizations gradually embracing Agile and DevOps practices to reduce time to market, will gain the competitive edge.

7. Wearable and IoT testing: As enormous data is collected and exchanged across multiple channels and platforms, wearable and IoT testing is becoming unavoidable.

8. Telematics Testing: With the growing demand for smarter automobiles, software testing and validation of automotive infotainment and telematics technologies is becoming crucial.

9. Quality Engineering: Organizations are seeking comprehensive, collaborative and robust Quality Engineering (QE) Services beyond the traditional QA.

10. Service Virtualization: Service Virtualization will continue to play a significant role by the increasing adoption of Agile & DevOps practices.

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