10 Things You Can Buy Instead Of The Mac Pro Priced At $53K

With the recent release of Apple’s Mac Pro, tech enthusiasts are buzzing with energy. The much-awaited gadget is priced at a whopping $53K, and people have been quite expressive about it already. This price is for certain configurations and inclusive of all the fancier components like Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X.

Mulling over the price at our news desk, we were amazed at the astounding figure, that converts to INR. 38 lakhs approximately. And this is without any taxes or duties that the Indian Govt may levy! This discovery of ours left us spiraling into a wave of thoughts! 

How do we contact the person making pricing decisions at Apple? How can we try and get it at a cheaper price? Maybe deduce a conspiracy-like Apple enrolling itself in a CSR initiative to waive off some charges? 

Don’t take us seriously, please! 

Coming to our main thought – What could we do with 38 lakhs? Let’s be more specific. 

What could we do with 38 lakhs in India? 

We Have Shortlisted 10 Things You Could Spend On Instead Of Mac Pro: 

1. Get Yourself A Lavish Villa In Goa

The party hub of the country would welcome you with open arms if you gave it the same amount you are spending on Mac Pro. You can easily buy a villa or a small flat in Goa in the range of 30-40 lakhs. 

If you invest in this, you can actually make your ‘Goa’ plans a reality and boast of a vacation villa that you own! 

Not just Goa, real estate would really look up for you in cities like Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. 

2. Invest in Stocks And SIPs, FDs

Systematic Investment Plan (SIPs), Stocks and FDs are always a go-to option, to keep your financials in place. Typically in SIPs, a fixed amount of money is debited by investors in bank accounts periodically, and invested in a specified mutual fund. In case of FDs, a smart way of ensuring that your financials are in place could be like going for a quarterly or half-yearly investment. 

Likewise, the reason that savvy investors love investing in stocks, is because they provide the highest potential returns. Truly speaking, in the long run, very few types of investments actually tend to perform better. Well, you might just reconsider your decision to buy a Mac Pro.

3. Invest In A Startup! 

India is considered to be the second-largest ecosystem for startups in the world. At present, there are around 19 unicorns in the country and the market for startups is really bullish. Consider the success story of startups like Swiggy, Zomato and Flipkart. They started off as a small unit, and today their success stories are narrated all across the world! 

Source: https://strugglingstory.com/12-inspirational-quotes-for-entrepreneurs-and-startups/

Source: https://strugglingstory.com/12-inspirational-quotes-for-entrepreneurs-and-startups/

4. Maybe A Lavish Rooftop Restaurant Too?

Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance said once, “It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.” Imagine you own a fancy rooftop restaurant, just adjacent to the Bandra Worli Sea Link. You can top with the finest decor from Italy and complement it with ornate lights!

Oh! What a sight would that be! 

5. Getting Yourself Insured Is A Priority

An old saying goes, “Health is wealth.” It’s pivotal to secure yourself and your family, on health terms. The insurances have different price variations, but it’s pertinent that you get yourself one. 

Accidents don’t come announced, thus to be on the safer side, health insurance is a safe option.

6. Destination Weddings Don’t Seem That Far Fetched

Watching your favourite B-town couple tying the knots in Tuscany, surely must have raised your expectations. It’s time you can flaunt and plan yours too. Udaipur, Kochi and Shimla have some impeccable options to offer as well!

Apart from food and cocktails, you get to click some amazing photos too, in the lap of nature.

7. You Can Be The Owner Of A Tesla Cybertruck Too!

The Tesla Cybertruck is an electric battery-powered, light commercial vehicle. This aims to provide a sustainable energy substitute, for roughly 6500 fossil fuel trucks sold each day in the West. Having one would definitely give you a wider mileage than that of a Mac Pro! 

Also, you must be amazed to know that Elon Musk mostly spends his weekend riding a Cybertruck down the roads of LA!

Source: https://electrek.co/2019/12/11/tesla-cybertruck-incredible-reach-dividing-people-survey/

8. Buy Yourself A Skoda, Or Better Yet An Audi!

This could be your chance of owning a luxury car that you have always dreamed of buying since you were a kid. A Skoda Superb goes up to 30 lakhs in India with impeccable specifications. Or you could just get an Audi Q3 which is priced at roughly 35 lakhs. 

Luxury cars are known for the comfort they come with, but the real selling point is smooth riding and great mileage. A car that gets you around and out of your town, checks off on the list of every petrolhead and travel buffs. 

9. Take That Europe Tour- 19 Times!

The past decade has observed Indians spending most of their dispensible income on travelling with family and friends. A mix of short trips and long foreign trips has really opened up avenues for the travel industry to explore. 

One of the most happening and expensive destinations for Indians is the whole of Europe! Who wouldn’t want to travel across European countries in Euro Rail and explore the many delicacies, famous structures and lovely people? 

A one-time Europe trip comes close to 2 lakhs and that too if you are lucky with the early bookings and off-season tours. With 38 lakhs, you could visit Europe 19 times!

10. Carve A Miniature Statue Of Unity

When we dream big, we dream really big. You can choose to carve a statue of yourself or of anything that is of value to you. (no judgments!) 

The statue can be gifted to someone or kept at your house. The original one cost ₹2,063 crore but don’t be disheartened, you could build a miniature version of it. 


The Mac Pro is Apple’s most expensive product but there is nothing that would compare to its quality and features. However, we thought of enlightening you on things that would probably help you in the long run.

This article is a lighthearted take on the investment of money and the costliness of Mac Pro. If you can think of more creative ways of using the Mac Pro budget elsewhere, let us know in the comment section below. 

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