1Kosmos registers growth in unified identity proofing & passwordless authentication

1Kosmos has announced a significant growth in its user base in India since its launch. The organisation is now handling millions of identities for its employees and end customers. Major corporations, including a prominent bank, use the 1Kosmos platform to easily authenticate and transact with their employees and their customer base running into millions.

“Customers are recognizing the advanced security and usability benefits of passwordless, which resulted in customers making long-term investments in BlockID,” said Hemen Vimadalal, CEO of 1Kosmos. He continued, “2022 was marked by a significant increase in demand and adoption of the 1Kosmos identity proofing and passwordless platform among medium and large enterprises in virtually all industries.” We are thrilled to announce that leading analyst firms have recognized 1Kosmos as a technology and market leader.

This outstanding growth has been reached due to the secure, convenient, and user-friendly services 1Kosmos provides its customers. We are thrilled to share the success of our platform and look forward to growing it further.

1Kosmos provides secure, passwordless authentication and access to various applications while serving millions of identities. Thanks to the advantages of 1Kosmos’ platform, companies have access to simple yet powerful user authentication and management solutions.

“We received great support and guidance from visionary CIOs and CISOs who understood the pressing issue of password complexity, which is subject to increased security breaches. Our solution provides customers with passwordless authentication, which addresses the security issue and offers a smooth and streamlined user experience, said Siddharth Gandhi, COO, Asia-Pacific, 1Kosmos.”

The Indian economy is undergoing a major digital transformation, with the government driving national initiatives such as Skill India and DigiYatra.

“To protect digital identities, 1Kosmos is investing to become a leading player in India. With the growing adoption of cloud technology across the private sector, 1Kosmos is well-positioned to provide secure identity management and authentication solutions in this digital era. We are confident that the Indian markets will be promising, and we are already making a mark,” said Siddharth.

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