3SC Solutions introduces Carbonex – a revolutionary supply chain sustainability solutions platform

3SC Solutions, a leading supply chain analytics, and software solutions company, have announced its revolutionary sustainability platform, Carbonex. It is designed specifically in direction of achieving Net-Zero Emission targets by eliminating wasteful supply chains and aligns with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Using AI-powered and data-driven advanced analytics, Carbonex enables screening, measurement, reduction and monitoring of an organisation’s greenhouse footprint in each leg of the supply chain journey. 

With sustainability as its guiding principle, 3SC Analytics has achieved a 46% growth since its inception nine years ago, delivering comprehensive and customized supply chain solutions and fully personalized strategies based on the specific needs, supply/demand history, and supply chain goals of an organisation. By conducting an extensive analysis of a company’s emission profile and analysing current trends, 3SC determines areas of improvement and offers the best possible framework that can supplement the supply chain.

Lalit Das, Founder, and CEO, 3SC Solutions, said, “Activities in the supply chain have a significant impact on a company’s road to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, despite an increase in the number of sustainability-focused software and consulting companies entering the market, sustainability activities continue to be managed outside the core operational and supply chain planning systems of organisations. With our new and revolutionary sustainability platform, 3SC is in a unique position to combine powerful value chain modeling techniques with comprehensive data management capabilities to obtain, validate, clean up, and reconcile Sustainability data from various sources.” 

By incorporating international standard-based sustainability indicators, analytical methods, and more, Carbonex helps companies operate the most complex global supply chains. Carbonex provides solutions by measuring and reporting on the company’s sustainability performance, assessing all planning and operational activities, and making data-driven decisions around trade-offs between service levels, financial costs, and SDGs. Carbonex gathers data from multiple sources – infrastructure, applications, third parties, IoT, and other emerging technologies – in order to heighten decision-making in the operational, tactical, and strategic processes that comprise successful supply chain management (SCM). 

The innovative and in-depth end-to-end cloud-based sustainability solution determines the shortest, most optimal, and cost-effective routes for every journey and every mode of transportation, optimising the social and environmental impact key performance indicators (KPIs) of supply chains. Hence, it is a one-stop sustainability solution that helps companies make programmatic decisions to minimise their carbon footprint and make tangible progress towards achieving the Net Carbon Zero objectives. 

“This portfolio extension marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of our products, and we are happy to help our customers navigate the challenging difficulties encountered in creating sustainable supply chains. In addition to providing world-class supply chain optimization solutions, we are also proud to have a team of some of the brightest minds from around the world, striving to provide best-in-class service delivery with the highest level of customer satisfaction”, Lalit das added. 

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