5 Technologies We Are Now Taking Seriously Due To COVID-19

In ordinary times, technology trends would be identified or predicted yearly based on new-age demands and tech advancements. Now that the world has entered an unpleasant yet extraordinary time of a pandemic, there are some technologies that are now being taken very seriously. Without the push of COVID-19, these technologies wouldn’t be so quickly adapted!

5G and communication tech

A higher internet speed would be the biggest requirement for a post-COVID world. The pandemic has forced people into their homes which means they rely on the internet for work as well as entertainment. 5G technology is yet to be rolled out in some countries due to heavy costs but it will be very useful at a time like to monitor the situation and offer health consultations. Maybe after this, 5G might see newfound importance in the market. 

No More Paper: Move To The Cloud

The concept of saving documents and files on paper has almost disappeared and with the pandemic, the need for digital storage has increased. Cloud technologies have seen a massive userbase since the pandemic as most traditional businesses moved their data onto the cloud. 

This ensures that you don’t lose out on important data, it is easily accessible and it is safe. 

Seriousness Over Cybersecurity

While cybersecurity has been always taken seriously by companies, the amount of cyberattacks during a pandemic further amplifies its necessity. There have been a lot of cyberattacks during this vulnerable time that has exposed the personal data of citizens. Zoom, a video conferencing app, has faced a lot of flak for its compromised security and hackers putting up data on the dark web. If the world is going to move digital, there will also be a move to bring more efforts to the security aspect of the products and services provided by tech companies. 

Getting Smarter Homes

Social distancing is a very abnormal concept for social beings like humans but it is an essential measure to contain the spread of the virus. While a lot of time has been spent on adjusting to life at home, we can safely assume that this kind of scenario is very much possible in the future as well. Connected gadgets and electronics at home may ease the workload pressure and improve the standard of living. 

Health Tech Apps

If there is one thing that coronavirus has taught us, it is looking after your health. Those that recovered after being infected were able to do it due to good immunity levels. An increased focus on eating the right food and exercising has just found its way into homes. While public gyms may be closed, health tech apps that monitor home workouts, give nutrition details and also other health-related information have seen a huge increase in downloads!

The world will have changed forever…

Since a new normal has been established, once we step out again, things will have changed forever. Companies will be investing more in digital resources, training staff for ‘work from home’ model, and using high-tech solutions to reduce manual tasks. Automation, Robotics, IoT, and extended reality now has a fresh set fo demand for companies to survive in lockdowns and pandemics!

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