95% of Indian IT leaders expect Generative AI to soon have a big role at their organizations: Salesforce Research

Salesforce released its latest State of IT report with key trends from IT leaders across 28 counties, including 300 from India.

The report highlights trends impacting IT organizations, such as shifting approaches to application development, the widening gap between IT services demand and supply, and the transformative impact of automation and artificial intelligence. Key insights of this year’s State of IT report include:

  • Generative AI is set to revolutionize IT. 87% of IT leaders in India say the role of AI in their organizations is well-defined, a figure poised to grow as 95% believe generative AI, specifically, will soon have a prominent role in their organizations. Leaders are proceeding with caution, however, with 82% concerned about generative AI’s ethics.
  • Ongoing digital transformations are sapping IT capacity. 74% of Indian IT organizations have trouble keeping up with demands from the business, as 91% project increased demand over the next 18 months. In response, 95% of Indian IT leaders say they’re increasingly focused on driving operational efficiencies.
  • Teams seek to scale app development. Only 40% of Indian IT organizations can support all app development requests they receive. To scale their capacity, 83% have adopted low-code or no-code tools, and 53% use composability.
  • Teams take an “all of the above” approach to security as threats loom. 76% of Indian IT leaders have trouble balancing business and security objectives, prompting them to adopt an array of defense measures. 63% of Indian IT organizations use data encryption, for example, and 59% use multi-factor authentication.

“Delivering innovation, turning data into action, and rising to meet increasing security threats, business has never asked more of technology and its leaders. Driving business value is critical and return on investments and speed are IT’s top success measures. We are excited to be a part of this journey working with several IT leaders, as trusted digital advisors to their businesses.” said, Deepak Pargaonkar, VP – Solution Engineering, Salesforce India.

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