Accenture and Oracle collaborate to help clients accelerate Generative AI adoption, starting with the finance organisation

Building on their ecosystem partnership of more than 30 years, Accenture and Oracle are investing in new generative AI solutions, tools, and training to help organisations maximise the value of their data to drive next-level growth and continuous innovation.

Together, Accenture and Oracle will help clients across industries reinvent their businesses with generative AI, moving from experimentation to adoption at scale. The companies will leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Generative AI to help increase efficiency, improve resilience, and deliver superior customer and employee experiences, while keeping client’s data private and secure. With an initial focus on driving digital finance transformation across industries, new generative AI-powered OCI solutions can provide finance teams with real-time data analysis and recommendations, transforming how decisions are made.

“Our clients are laser-focused on moving beyond generative AI experimentation to value realisation. In fact, according to new Accenture research, 85% of C-suite leaders are confident they will achieve the expected ROI on their generative AI investments this year,” said Lan Guan, chief AI officer, Accenture. “Together with Oracle, we’re delivering the enterprise-grade generative AI solutions organisations need to drive new value and completely reimagine business functions and processes.”

For chief financial officers (CFOs), generative AI can help speed tasks that were once arduous, time-intensive and manual, simplifying finance processes, accounting closes, filings and planning. Harnessing Accenture’s extensive experience — in financial planning and analysis, corporate finance and risk, finance and accounting operations, and organisational design — coupled with Oracle technology, specific solutions and use cases can include:

  • Procurement Spend Analysis: Leveraging a client-specific data and generative AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms, procurement teams can make data-driven decisions based on business-relevant insights. With generative AI agents, teams can identify strategic opportunities for savings across the enterprise and take action to reduce costs.
  • Financial Planning and Analysis Demand Forecast: With generative AI and ML, organisations can get a clear explanation of variances, factors and impacts that enable them to assess the changing demand for their products and services, generating more accurate forecasts.
  • Dynamic Scenario Planning: Through generative AI, historical and real-time data analysis and a curated knowledge base, finance teams can explore various financial scenarios, perform what-if analysis, identify and understand the impacts of different actions to optimise departmental spending and allocate resources more efficiently. This generative AI-augmented analysis can reduce the time and effort required to identify optimisation opportunities, allowing organisations to respond promptly to market changes.

The finance solutions will leverage Accenture’s proprietary switchboard to help clients select a combination of foundation models based on factors such as cost or accuracy. Together, the companies are also exploring industry-specific generative AI solutions in the healthcare and public sector space.

“Oracle continues to be at the forefront of enterprise AI, making generative AI available throughout our stack—from infrastructure to data and applications—to meet customers’ unique needs,” said Greg Pavlik, senior vice president, AI and Data Management Services, Oracle. “We’re excited to be partnering with Accenture to deliver enterprise-class generative AI-powered solutions that address real-world business problems.”

Accenture has developed a new generative AI-powered Oracle assistant, which is transforming how the two companies can develop and deliver Oracle solutions. By contextualising large language models (LLMs) with Oracle- and Accenture-specific data to make them more relevant and useful for Oracle-specific tasks, the assistant can generate responses for queries associated with Oracle products and services. In addition, the assistant provides guidance throughout the software delivery lifecycle, from ideation to deployment, through use cases such as automating tasks, generating documentation, enhancing code quality and accelerating development.

For a client in the resources industry, Accenture used the tool to reduce the effort required for business process design by up to 70%. The tool is also being used for code development and testing systems, helping to reduce time spent on implementing new Oracle technologies and features, reducing risk and enabling them to focus on other strategic tasks. For example, the assistant was used to augment test case creation for a global telecommunications company to help ensure high quality data and save time and effort.

Accenture was one of the first ecosystem partners to access OCI Generative AI in beta. Leveraging its extensive AI engineering capabilities and drawing on its experience from hundreds of generative AI client engagements, Accenture provided early feedback to help shape and evolve the OCI Generative AI and product roadmap.

As part of the relationship, Accenture is committed to training its people on OCI Generative AI Service. Accenture and Oracle plan to launch a specialised Oracle training program for clients within Accenture’s AI academy to help cultivate future-ready talent and accelerate transformation with OCI.

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