AI driven Mentorship Marketplace Quantel records 6X growth in a month

Quantel – an AI-powered mentor network platform in India that provides personalized mentorship programs and experiential learning experiences has recently recorded a record-high 6X jump in its monthly earnings, attributed to new strategic initiatives implemented by the platform backed by robust mentorship plans with annual subscriptions.

Learning is an ever-evolving concept and every person learns differently and several methods can be applied to achieve the end goals. Traditionally, learning usually happens in lecture format, however, that method brings engagement only for some individuals. Considering the extensive need to put the learner at the forefront of the process and learn in real-time and the world, Quantel provides experiential learning to individuals and organizations throughout India to bridge the accessibility gap for people they aspire to become.

Founded in 2021 Quantel is recognized as a technology-driven experts marketplace that provides a mentorship network to individuals for upskilling and achieving their career goals as well as to businesses for growing and scaling to their maximum potential. The platform boasts an extensive network of experts and has created an environment where learning and growth are accessible to all.

Delighted with the business performance, Lucky Rohilla – Co-founder of Quantel said, “Quantel was incepted with an idea to help individuals head start and ramp up their careers by 10X while gaining mentorship from real industry experts. Today, we have grown multifold both vertically and horizontally by enabling clients to access the latest insights from the most successful mentors in their field.”

In a span of 18 months, Quantel has created a database of mentors that are specialized in different domains to help user companies find the right mentor aligned with their goals. The platform works on an annual plan with user companies to further the learning outcomes and act as a catalyst for learners.

Quantel capitalizes on the potential of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data to customize the mentoring plans suited to an individual or organization’s specific needs and goals. Furthermore, the platform also provides exclusive access to real-time performance tracking and analytics to help organizations understand learners’ progress and quickly identify the key areas of improvement and suggests ways to optimize the mentoring plan to ensure the clients are successful.

Since its inception, Quantel has acquired more than 300+ B2B Clients including prominent names in the industry such as PhysicsWallah, Unacademy, StudyIQ, Testbook and many others. The platform is experiencing a higher growth rate with the client base increasing continuously and projecting to close by 500 clients by March 2023.

Quantel has received an impressive MRR of Rs. 35 Lacs from January 2023, and a 20-25% month-on-month growth rate. The platform is planning to close Q4 of FY23 at an MRR of a whopping Rs. 1.5Cr. In addition, it is also in talks with investors to raise funds for strengthening its technology stack, marketing and branding, and team expansion. Currently, it has a team of around 20 people and is expecting to almost double the current headcount by March 2023.

The platform helps learners connect with experts and mentorship holding experiences in leading firms like Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, Bain & Company, McKinsey, KPMG, EY, Goldman Sachs, and many more. The mentors guide the learner through diverse domains as versatile as Data science, AI/ML, Technology, Management, Finance, Food blogging, Freelancing, social media influencing, and many others.

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