AISECT-Intel provides ICT education to over 15000 students across India

AISECT’s one year old partnership with Intel has scored success in delivering basic technology literacy education to 15,847 students from across the rural and semi-urban areas of India so far. It has been almost a year since AISECT had signed a MoU with the Intel Easy Steps Program to provide an array of services to harness the digital literacy and conquer the digital divide.

The program is being conducted through the numerous multipurpose training centres of AISECT in 27 States, across 388 districts, 1070 blocks and 6000 panchayats. Easy Steps Program was launched by Intel in 2010 to improve digital literacy in Asia Pacific region. The program was developed for learners with little or no prior computer experience. Since its establishment, the initiative has enriched the lives of a wide variety of beneficiaries by providing digital literacy skills across 20 countries.

Commenting on their association with Intel Easy Steps Program, Siddharth Chaturvedi, Director, AISECT said, “Our organization firmly believes in harnessing the power of Information Technology for the benefit of the less privileged population. Most of our students are placed in the unorganized sector and with the rapidly changing skills scenario in the country, it’s essential to keep pace and incorporate the latest developments.”

“Intel’s impeccable technology will help us in imparting digital literacy essential for improving the quality of lives. Henceforth, we plan to introduce this programme for every academic session in the curriculum of the courses offered by all the six AISECT academies,” added Chaturvedi.

AISECT has been involved in offering skill development and training in semi-urban and rural areas for the last 28 years, bringing a remarkable transformation in the lives of more than 12 lakh students so far. Leveraging its experience, AISECT has developed a fairly evolved understanding of the needs and the importance of delivering ICT training to the masses of the country.

The AISECT–Intel partnership aims to bridge the digital divide that restricts the opportunities for rural and semi urban youth thereby enriching their lives. The positive impact of this tie-up and their efforts to improve digital literacy are already being felt across the country as people are gaining the skills required to improve their employability, access information and utilize digital services. Thus, the next generation seems to be entering the workforce with full swing along with the necessary skills to compete effectively in the digital era.

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