Amazon Future Engineer Expands to Introduce Advanced Coding and AI Modules in 100 Karnataka Residential Educational Institutions Society (KREIS) Schools today announced the expansion of its Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) program to introduce advanced coding and artificial intelligence (AI) modules in 100 Karnataka Residential Educational Institutions Society (KREIS) Schools. The company will also provide digital infrastructure enhancements for 30 KREIS Schools. This expansion will impact over 13,000 students in grades six to eight across 30 districts of Karnataka.

Building on the success of the previous intervention, which inspired students to explore the possibilities of computer science, the expanded module will enable students to develop complex computer applications incorporating advanced programming concepts like control conditions, variables, and functions. Additionally, through project-based learning, students will also be introduced to the basics of AI with a further understanding of its relevance, future possibilities, and impact on their lives and the world around them.

This program will complement the current courses in coding, logical sequencing, learning loops, and block programming offered to KREIS schools under the Amazon Future Engineer Program. The 20-hour module is designed to take into account the current exposure of students to computer science and coding. Class six students will be taught the fundamentals of block programming, while seventh and eighth graders will be introduced to advanced programming and the basics of AI.

This initiative is implemented in collaboration with the Learning Links Foundation (LLF), which will conduct introductory coding sessions and grade appropriate coding boot camps to students in person, making computer science accessible for the schools that are often situated in remote areas. Furthermore, LLF will work with educators to provide professional development support and resources to teachers to facilitate effective computer science learning in the long run. Supplementing these efforts, Amazon employees will conduct Class Chat Sessions, guiding students on diverse career opportunities within the tech industry and providing insights on pathways to achieve their goals.

“The Amazon Future Engineer program’s integration of advanced coding and AI modules aligns seamlessly with our vision to empower our students with the proficiency required to navigate the increasingly tech-centric world,” said Shri Manivannan P, Principal Secretary to the Government, Social Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka.

“Amazon is expanding its Future Engineer program in partnership with KREIS to include advanced coding and AI modules in 100 schools, further solidifying our commitment to provide equitable access to quality computer science education. We are excited to nurture the talents of students, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds, and prepare them for the future. This project-based learning module will empower students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in a tech-driven world. Recognizing education’s transformative power, Amazon is committed to democratising access to high-quality computer science education,” said David Zapolsky, Senior Vice President, Global Public Policy and General Counsel, Amazon.

In September 2023, Amazon India announced the expansion of its partnership with the National Education Society for Tribal Students (NESTS) under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, to launch the Amazon Future Engineer program in 54 Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) across the states of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan, and Telangana. The partnership was expanded from computer science fundamentals module to include Advanced Block Programming and Artificial Intelligence for students of grades six to nine.

Amazon introduced AFE in India in 2021 and has partnered with several education-focused non-profit organisations, including Leadership for Equity, Learning Links Foundation. Amazon Future Engineer is a computer science education program that allows all young people to explore their potential and build a better world for us all. As a childhood-to-career program, AFE offerings starts with primary schooling and continues through secondary into career. Under this program, Amazon has also offered scholarships and internships to girl students interested to make a career in the tech industry. Throughout, Amazon partners with organisations that share its mission and create opportunities for students to discover the richness of computer science through intersections with self-expression, social justice, sustainability, and more. So far, Amazon Future Engineer program has supported more than 1.5 million students to explore and learn computer science and trained over 8,000 teachers across the country.

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