Amazon Web services pledges USD 250,000 to 50 Global tech startups building on Polkadot

Polkadot Now India, the Official Polkadot community in India, has received a commitment
of $250,000 from AWS services for 50 projects who wish to build on Polkadot. As a part of this commitment, startups will get access to $5,000 worth of AWS credits that can be utilised with AWS Activate thus assisting them in developing and scaling up their businesses with expert support. The grant was announced at the Polkadot Now India conference in Bangalore.

Marking its debut in the Indian ecosystem, the Polkadot Now India conference was established by Polkadot to educate the Indian blockchain crypto community about its network and bridge the gap between Polkadot’s global ecosystem and the Indian ecosystem. The event saw participation from key speakers such as Mark Cachia, founder of Scytale Ventures; Bill Laboon, Head of Education and Grants, Web3 Foundation; Dr. Radhakrishna Dasari, Technical Educational Lead, Web3 Foundation; and Gautam Dhameja, Director of Solution Delivery at Parity Technologies, the original developer of Polkadot. Commenting on the announcement, Rishant (Rish) Kumar, Spokesperson for Polkadot Now India and Growth Lead, APAC, KILT Protocol said – “This is a huge testament to our successful collaboration with AWS in strengthening the Indian Web3 ecosystem. By providing the essential infrastructure required to build on Polkadot, this initiative will open a gateway of opportunities for startups to explore, and expedite their journey.”

Launched in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) began exposing key infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services – now widely known as cloud computing. The grant will be open to all startups in the space; however, teams who have previously received similar free credits will not be eligible.

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