Amdocs expands its Big Data Analytics portfolio

Amdocs, a  provider of customer experience systems and services has announced the expansion of its big data analytics capabilities to become the first end-to-end provider of communications-specific big data solutions encompassing business and operational support systems (B/OSS), network and social media. Including new big data applications, an enriched, carrier-grade Insight platform and data science as a service (DSaaS), Amdocs portfolio will enable service providers to better harness their data assets and improve the customer experience.

The announcement builds on Amdocs TeraScale , Amdocs Proactive Care and our industry focused BI and Data Warehousing Services, as well as leveraging the company’s recent network optimization acquisitions, Actix and Celcite, to extend its big data reach into the network.
The Amdocs big data analytics offerings include:

Amdocs big data applications: A comprehensive set of applications driving better decision making and actionable recommendations to address service providers’ business needs in the areas of network optimization; operational optimization; contextual marketing and customer care and experience. Within the customer care category Amdocs is launching a unique set of customer network experience (CNE) applications combining data aggregated from its network insight technologies and other core sources to address customer experience issues created by network performance.

Amdocs Insight Big Data platform: This enriched, carrier-grade platform addresses new service provider needs such as ingesting a variety of data via real-time, pre integrated streaming connectors from Amdocs’ own systems and a wide range of third party data sources. The platform includes a communications-specific, rich customer data model specifically designed for the telecommunications market to facilitate actionable analytics.

Amdocs DSaaS: Combining domain expertise with data science, Amdocs DSaaS provides value to service providers by performing data discovery health checks and situation specific analytical application development. Supported by data management and big data analytics centers in EMEA, North America and APAC, Amdocs also provides a data management modernization offering to evolve service providers to more affordable and effective big data storage and analytics.

Amdocs BI and Data Warehousing Services:  As part of Amdocs’ technology offering, Amdocs provides a wide range of data management services to prolong the life and effectiveness of the data warehouse.  The types of services range from boutique DSaaS all the way through to full outsourced managed services of the end-to-end process including ETL (extract, transform and load), integration, testing, data life cycle care, business needs assessment and business reporting.

“A successful big data analytics implementation helps service providers meet the challenges of today’s competitive markets. Applying deeper and timelier insights not only drives out inefficiencies and costs, but also improves customer experiences to reduce churn,” said Justin van der Lande, Head of Analytics Software Strategies at Analysys Mason. “Vendors with a deep understanding of the telecoms domain can better help service providers find, collate, and analyze appropriate data to generate the relevant insights and actions needed for them.”

“Amdocs is the only company in the industry with a contextual understanding of BSS, OSS and network data, as well as a deep knowledge of service provider business processes,” said Rebecca Prudhomme, Vice President for product and solutions marketing at Amdocs. “Our expanded big data analytics capabilities are integrated into our core customer experience management solutions portfolio, enabling service providers to differentiate their customer experience to new levels of customer satisfaction while improving operational efficiency.”

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