Arrcus brings transformational cost-effective networking solutions to fuel explosive growth of digital India

Arrcus, the hyperscale networking software company and a leader in core, edge and multi-cloud network infrastructure, announced the availability of its ACE routing and switching solutions to support the explosive growth of Digital India. With an online economy projected to exceed $1 trillion by 20301, India is leading the way in terms of digital payments, large-scale mobile connectivity, and AI-driven automation. To meet the stringent networking demands of these applications, Arrcus routing and switching solutions bring a combination of scale and performance with extremely attractive economics to network operators and enterprise customers.

“We are excited to introduce our ACE platform as well as our flagship ArcOS network operating system to India”, said Shekar Ayyar, Chairman and CEO of Arrcus.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

“We understand the unique challenges and opportunities this market presents and are pleased to offer a solution that saves substantial cost without any compromises on performance for datacenter switching, 5G routing, and multi-cloud networking”. 

India’s digital transformation has witnessed unprecedented growth, fueled by initiatives such as the Aadhar card, United Payments Interface (UPI), and DigiLocker. As of February 2023, India boasts approximately 700 million active internet users, generating a staggering 2 million Terabytes of data daily2. Such rapid growth requires an agile, distributable networking infrastructure. Traditional legacy routing and switching solutions in India are a huge bottleneck because of their rigid architectures and high cost. Recognizing this challenge, Arrcus offers a modern network architecture that can be cost-effectively deployed across various use cases, including the edge, core, and multi-cloud environments. 

Arrcus’ routing and switching can be deployed on whitebox hardware from multiple manufacturers, freeing customers from vendor lock-in. ArcOS also provides advanced capabilities, including support for 400G ethernet speeds, distributed AI workloads, hybrid cloud environments, advanced traffic engineering, and API-first architectures. Compared to legacy 

networking solutions, Arrcus delivers substantial total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of up to 40%.

With its cost-effective, programmable, virtualized, and scalable networking platform, Arrcus is now ready to empower organizations across India to unlock the full potential of Digital India, supported by an exceptionally talented group of R&D and customer engineering from Bangalore, San Jose and other global locations.

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