Axio Biosolutions Forays into Military segment with the Launch of Dedicated Website –

Axio Biosolutions launches a dedicated military website,, on Combat Casualty Care for Soldiers. The website is designed for all armed forces personnel (Army, Navy, Airforce, Coast Guards, Special forces, etc.)

Axio Biosolutions, an innovative Med-Tech organisation, is only the 4th organisation globally, after USA, UK and Israel to develop trauma haemostatic products like Patch, Z-fold & Gauze for the armed forces. The brand is honored since its flagship brand, Axiostat was used during the famous Surgical Strike carried out by the Indian Army in September 2016.

The goal of this website is to provide visitors mainly infantry soldiers, an easier way to learn about  Axio’s bleeding control solutions and to allow the visitor to browse information based on their requirements. These haemostatic products are highly recommended for gunshot wounds, blast injuries, arterial & venous bleeding, neck & head trauma injuries, etc.

The website highlights the major defense events they’ve participated in and outlines the value created for each client. On this website, they have provided complete details of their flagship brand, Axiostat which is a bioactive, clinically validated haemostatic dressing that works on a unique charge-based mechanism to stop bleeding quickly. All products in this category are designed to be used in battlefield conditions and come in rugged metal pouches, camouflaged packing for easy carrying.

Rajesh T V, Vice-President, Commercial, Axio Biosolutions said “We are extremely happy to launch our new website dedicated to the armed forces of India and Globe. We at Axio Biosolutions are proud to have the opportunity to “Defend our Defenders” and “Save Lives” with our high-quality haemostatic brand, Axiostat. It is a must to have product by all armed forces personnel and plays a significant role in the “Golden Hour” during combat casualty. Many times, soldiers die due to heavy bleeding from bullet shots, stab injuries, explosion injuries, accidental falls, etc. It is very important to stop the bleeding immediately before the soldier is shifted to the nearest base hospital. And Axiostat is the product that has proven its credibility in the Golden Hour not only for Indian Soldiers but Soldiers across the globe, by stopping bleeding quickly. A “Made in India” product for India and the globe. This Military Website is dedicated to all the defenders of the motherland. Jai Hind.”

Through this web portal, the organisation will highlight the various combat casualty care training programs conducted under the banner of AACE (Axio Academy of Clinical Excellence). In the past year, the organisation has conducted 25+ combat casualty care training programs involving more than 2000+ soldiers, nursing assistants & combat medics from Army, Special forces & Paramilitary forces in India.

With the new website, the company also plans to connect with the global security forces and showcase life-saving devices from India. Apart from that, it will also highlight the major defense events in which Axio Biosolutions has participated, interesting case studies, and more. It also showcases the achievements of Axio Biosolutions and the latest developments of products or solutions to defend the defenders.

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