Bikayi partners with WhatsApp to launch, which aims to revolutionize e-commerce marketing globally

Bikayi, India’s leading e-commerce enabler, has launched its new marketing platform in partnership with WhatsApp to become its first official e-commerce partner in India. This powerful marketing tool aims to revolutionize the way e-commerce brands target, re-engage and manage their customers on WhatsApp, helping them drive higher conversions and increase revenue by 11x through its AI-powered intelligent platform.

Businesses and e-commerce brands today are unable to effectively engage with potential customers through conventional channels such as SMS, emails, and ads. With the personalized messaging that provides, there is a 70% higher probability of customers making purchases, thus assisting brands in boosting their sales. In the ever-expanding market, enables brands to gain a higher reach by targeting over 2 billion active WhatsApp users every day.

To tap the tremendous potential WhatsApp offers, Bikayi partnered with the global platform and created to help these brands drive traffic and re-engage with their customers. In alignment with Bikayi’s vision, aims to help businesses and brands effectively reach out to intelligently segmented audiences, create trust among them with verified WhatsApp accounts and drive maximum ROI.

One of the biggest strengths of is its ability to re-engage with lapsed customers and encourage them to complete their purchases. Buyers hesitate to make purchases because they lack personal touch with the brands they purchase from. helps brands build relationships with customers through personalized messaging and drive up customer engagement by 3x.

Speaking about the partnership, Sonakshi Nathani, Co-founder and CEO, Bikayi said, “With changing trends in customer shopping behavior and technological advancements, there is a major shift towards conversational commerce. Brands are now using messaging channels to sell directly to customers. Our partnership with WhatsApp was a strategic decision since it is one of the most widely used messaging platforms globally with a high open rate of 95 percent. Hence, customers are more likely to respond on WhatsApp.”

Ashutosh Singla, Co-founder and CTO, Bikayi said, “ is a high-engagement platform optimized for global usage as it allows brands to go international with cross-country messaging and a user-friendly interface. Any brand from any part of the world can now avail of our platform to reach wider audiences with seamless communication. With the launch of this marketing platform, Bikayi is set to capture the global market.” will enable brands to target customers through intelligent audience segmentation, a pre-designed collection of templates, automated bot messaging, and insight-driven marketing strategies. As of today, about 52 brands have been onboarded with, and about 150 more are in the process of being onboarded.

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  • Ashish

    Sounds interesting. If I were an e-commerce business, I would have def given it a try.