Bitcoin Rises More Than $10,000 First Time Since Early June

This is after several weeks of trading that Bitcoin has breached $10,000 on Sunday for the first time since early June

This is in addition to suffering pricing blows, owing to the economic fallout from the novel coronavirus outbreak. This virtual coin trading platform has been going through its third so-called halving on May 11, that had cut the rewards that were being given to those that have been mining bitcoin to 6.25 coins from 12.5. 

Also, the ‘halving’ has been affecting the supply side of bitcoin and has also increased the time that was being needed for the miners to find their break-even point. 

This calls for news, even more, news when popular Indian YouTuber Ajay Nagar, aka CarryMinati, was the latest victim of the ongoing Bitcoin scam on YouTube. As per reports, two bitcoin giveaway scam promotional videos were being reportedly posted on the channel. These videos showed had displayed bitcoin addresses. One of these even featured an image of SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk supposedly giving away Bitcoin. 

However, this isn’t really the first time that Bitcoin giveaway scams have made their way on YouTube. Reports also state that fake Bitcoin giveaways from channels that claim to belong to Elon Musk had scammed users out of $150,000. The scammers also recently had attempted to use the ‘double your money’ cons, specifically to target VET token holders. As of now, YouTube’s legal platform said that the platform is immune from liability for cryptocurrency scams that had perpetrated as a part of its video content or its descriptions.

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