Brigade Plus Transforms Sales Management and Customer Journeys with Zoho CRM

Brigade Plus, a Brigade Group subsidiary specialising in home interiors, has embarked on a transformative journey by adopting Zoho CRM to reshape its sales processes and elevate customer experiences. Within six months, Brigade Plus successfully streamlined its sales operations and simplified its customer journeys using Zoho CRM, an award-winning CRM trusted by over 2,50,000 businesses across 150 countries.
The partnership marks a significant shift towards customer-centric innovation for Brigade Plus, by helping optimise sales journeys and deliver consistently reliable customer service. Implementing Zoho CRM has led to data-driven decision-making and remarkable efficiencies across time, effort, and monetary considerations. Consequently, it has also led to a notable surge in customer satisfaction and overall business growth.
Ponappa PM, Head – Brigade Plus, commented on the partnership, “Zoho CRM has helped us achieve 4x ROI in just two years, allowing us to excel as one of the largest full-service stores for interiors in the real estate industry. Zoho’s 360-degree view has enabled us to offer great value and experiences to our customers.”
Mani Vembu, COO at Zoho Corp. said, “Brigade Plus and Zoho unite tech innovation and strategy, pioneering customer-centricity through operational excellence . This collaboration sets a new standard, reaffirming our dedication to user-friendly solutions that power impactful business outcomes leveraging Zoho CRM.”
Challenges Leading to Transformation
Brigade Plus faced operational challenges from a complex technology stack entrenched in legacy tools previously used, impeding not just their operational efficiency but also strategic growth posture.Recognising these constraints within their customer experience stack, Brigade Plus began to seek a strategic CRM platform to transform the employee experience and raise the quality of their customer experience.
Following a thorough evaluation of the vendor landscape, Brigade Plus chose Zoho CRM as their strategic platform of choice for customer experience transformation. Zoho CRM’s focus on usability for every user, mature integration capabilities, and comprehensive no-code and low-code customisation aligned naturally with Brigade Plus’s expectations for their customer experience and growth goals. Combining Zoho CRM with Zoho Creator, Brigade Plus was able to create a simplified system that brought together customer context to provide a comprehensive view for better decision-making at all levels.
After a quick discovery phase, a cross-functional team from Zoho owned and executed the implementation, encompassing both Zoho and third-party integrations within a concise 4-month timeframe. A simplified and modular engagement approach helped Zoho and Brigade Plus save time and effort while ensuring a seamless transition from their incumbent system to the new Zoho CRM implementation.
Key Benefits
The integration with Zoho CRM has unlocked various transformative benefits, with quantifiable results:
Fostering User Adoption: The strategic shift from legacy applications to Zoho CRM focused on creating a user-friendly system, minimising the learning curve, and promoting widespread adoption, resulting in a commendable 100% adoption rate.
Cost-Benefit Ratio: Brigade Plus witnessed an impressive 1:4 cost-to-benefit ratio, with 70% direct benefits and 30% indirect benefits, translating to significant savings and enhanced operational efficiency.
Seamless Integrations: Zoho CRM seamlessly integrated with various software systems, including SAP Cloud, Razorpay payment gateway, a leading telephony system, team collaboration tools, and customer support platforms, creating a unified data ecosystem for customer-centric operations and streamlined data management.
Operational Efficiency: Tracking and saving 35+ hours of routine tasks by each team resulted in substantial time savings, with an average of 4 hours per week saved on report creation for the design team and 36 hours per month on creating sales reports.
Insight-Driven Decision-Making: Over 40 interactive dashboards provided actionable insights, reshaping sales strategies and propelling revenue generation, setting a new standard for data-informed decision-making.
Comprehensive Customisations: Completion of implementation within a swift 4 months involved intricate customisations and integrations, ensuring agility and scalability. The modular design allowed agile adaptations, emphasising meticulous planning and relentless scalability.
Future Vision
Brigade Plus aims to transition their business operations to Zoho fully, encompassing all facets from quotation generation and invoicing to payment collection and accounting. Their objective remains centred on delivering a seamless customer journey throughout every operational stage.
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