Brocade brings open networking platform Vyatta for service providers

Global networking solutions provider Brocade today unveiled its Vyatta platform for cloud and telecom service providers. This virtual router is first part of company’s multi-year strategy to bring an open and modular networking platform that addresses industry’s shift towards SDN (software defined-networking and NFV (network functions virtualisation).

The Brocade Vyatta platform is powered by company’s other products including the Brocade Vyatta vRouter and Brocade vADX along with open source software projects such as OpenDaylight and Openstack.

It’s architecture has three key layers – NFV Connection Services, SDN Structural Services and Functional Orchestration. Each layer of this open architecture is modular and enables customers to select the products and solutions that fit their particular data centre.

The open and modular nature of this platform enables interoperability and vast choice for customers. Communication between the layers utilises transparent standards based protocols and methods, including REST APIs and the NETCONF/YANG model to ensure configuration interoperability.

“The growing complexity of today’s virtualised networks has made it no longer feasible to rely on a single vendor to deliver an end-to-end solution that fits every customer’s requirements of service agility and scalability,” said Edgar Dias, Regional Director – India, Brocade.

“The Brocade Vyatta platform is the industry’s first truly open platform to embrace a growing vendor ecosystem dedicated to open standards and open source projects for cloud and telco provider’s seeking software based
solutions to achieve new revenue streams and regain control over their networks,” added Dias.

By adopting a software platform approach, such as the Brocade Vyatta platfrom, customers gain control over each layer of their infrastructure to ensure they leverage the right components and adapt more quickly to changing business conditions all while reducing capex and opex.

This latest offering based on Vyatta acquisition, which Brocade made in 2012. Vyatta providers software based virtual router, virtual firewall and VPN products for IP networks. Since Vyatta’s buyout, Brocade has expanding its virtual offering under the Vyatta platform.

“Vyatta is the umbrella platform of Brocade to offer all virtual offerings. The key aspect of Vyatta platform for service providers is open source based platform. The Brocade Vyatta 5600 vRouter is 10 times faster (10 gigabyte per second per core) compared to Vyatta 5400 vRouter for enterprises,” said George Chacko, Systems Engineer Manager & Lead Technical Consultant, Brocade India.

According to Chacko, at present around 40 PoC (proof of concepts) are under way globally on the Vyatta plaform including one by an Indian telco and over 1.5 million software downloads have been made so far.

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