Business automation software Accloud distribution to MSMEs in Uttar Pradesh

Accloud, a platform that helps businesses by automating their accounting,sales, inventory and tax management processes, is being distributed to MSMEs of the state of Uttar Pradesh through the Department of MSME, Government of Uttar Pradesh, under an agreement with government advisory firm Sapio Analytics.

The platform is being provided complimentary to these businesses, sponsored by the government under its efforts towards revival of MSMEs and hence the economy of Uttar Pradesh is targeting a trillion-dollar GDP and MSMEs are expected to play an important role in reaching there.

Accloud is available in multiple languages and can be accessed through web or mobile, Android or iOS, designed to make it easy for the businesses to adopt the same without many hassles. Its focus on making businesses GST compliant without requiring too much effort from the business owners makes it an ideal choice for businesses trying to come into the mainstream. Existing businesses that are already using any existing accounting software can also choose to shift to this platform through an easy integration and installation.“Accloud is honoured to partner with the State of Uttar Pradesh in digitising MSMEs. Our partnership will empower the growth of the backbone of the economy and simplify their finances,” says Ross James, CEO, Accloud.

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