CarDekho selects Rezo.AI to deliver superior Customer Experience

Rezo.AI, an AI-driven platform, to deliver personalised responses through WhatsApp automation

CarDekho, India’s leading car search venture, selects Rezo.AI, an AI-driven platform, to deliver customer experience through WhatsApp automation. As a market leader, CarDekho aims to further bolster its strength by leveraging the latter’s AI platform.

Customers expect to have personalized, frictionless, on-demand and data-driven experience helping them to make a better decision. Rezo.AI is the first company to use Artificial Intelligence for Whatsapp conversations. This highly advanced solution comprehends CarDekho’s customer queries in English as well Hinglish and is also able to respond to the jargons or lingos with relevant information.

Rezo.AI’s state-of-the-art technology has been a key enabler for CarDekho’s Whatsapp automation in many ways:

  • Entirely cloud based – improved freedom and flexibility and hence more efficiency while serving its customers
  • Master Knowledge Base – Rezo.AI’s platform ingests business language and remembers it all
  • Automate Repetitive Queries – Customers can now get instant responses to most commonly asked questions
  • Reduce Average Handling Time – Auto-response and suggestive-response features add speed to the query resolution time
  • Delight Customers and Employees – Rezo.AI has eases agents pressure, helping them concentrate on offering the best experience to customers

Commenting on the same, Anurag Jain, Co-Founder & COO at CarDekho says, “In the face of volatile, accelerated change and rising customer demands, new-age internet companies like us have an increased focus on maintaining & improving current levels of performance. It is more evident than ever that with evolving customer expectations, a superior experience that offers a real-time & informative response to queries becomes imperative. With Rezo.AI automating our conversational traffic with humanly responses, we aim to see drastic increase in CX by 2020.”

Commenting on the same, Rashi Gupta (PhD), Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist at Rezo.AI says “We are delighted to work with CarDekho and enable them in their quest to provide an immersive customer experience. While more and more companies understand that providing a great customer experience is necessary for business growth, many have a long way to go, bringing all the parts together to make it a reality.”

“We have taken into consideration historical conversations of CarDekho with its customers. Feeding this textual conversation into our AI engine, we use the Machine-learning algorithms that we have developed over the past 2 years which helps automate the entire customer journey of the venture. Automating the conversations will help CarDekho further understand the intend, issues, concerns and queries raised by its customers and quickly respond to them.”, she further added.

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