Chiratae Ventures invests in KBCols Sciences as part of their DeepTech Innovators Program

Chiratae Ventures have announced their seed investment in KBCols sciences via their Deeptech Innovators Program. KBCols got incorporated in 2018 and has been successfully able to extract multiple colours from renewable and sustainable resources with environment friendly extraction processes. The company is also actively engaged in increasing the yields and colour quality through innovative ways.

This DeepTech Innovators program by Chiratae Ventures is the 6th edition consolidating all the previous programs for the seed and early-stage startups with a focus on solving real, major problems through deep-technology across sectors. This cohort saw participation from more than 250+ companies across horizontal tech, mobility, robotics, energy, aerospace, biotech, life sciences etc. This initiative is in-line with Chiratae’s continued effort to back deep technology solutions and boost innovative thinking coming out of India.

KBcols technology explores the rich biodiversity of the Indian subcontinent to extract/isolate new safe bio-resources that produce stable and consistent natural colours using agro-industrial waste (bought from farmers and industries) as a nutrient source thereby reducing the agricultural waste and utilizing it as a feedstock to produce value added compounds. The colours produced (blue, violet, pink, red, orange, yellow, white etc.) can have multiple applications including textiles, foods, cosmetics etc.

Speaking on the announcement, Sudhir Sethi, Founder & Chairman, Chiratae Ventures, said, “We are excited by KBCol’s very unique product offering in replacing eco-friendly chemical colors. A unique technology with a global market.”

Commenting on the announcement, Dr. Vaishali Kulkarni, Founder and CEO KBCols said, “As an early stage startup we’re thrilled by the faith & excitement shown to us by incredible partners such as Chiratae, Axilor & Derbi. As an innovative technology driven lifesciences startup, KBCols is deeply committed to reducing the load of carcinogenic and pollution causing chemical colours across industries. Through our approach, we hope to change the landscape of dyeing in the apparel industry as well as increase the use of natural colors in sectors such as beauty, foods, consumer lifestyle products and many other high-value product verticals. We envision ushering back the era of use natural colours and we now work towards colouring the whole world in a completely different but safer way!”

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