CoCare App: Developed by Tagbin for Government and Citizens to fight COVID-19

Covid -19 has spread virtually unchecked throughout the world, resulting in a horrifying death toll. Medical professionals are working around the clock to care for patients. Scientists are racing against time to find a cure. The disease is spreading through India at an alarming speed. This national emergency is being combatted and contained by the current 21-day countrywide lockdown.

However, some citizens are ignoring the lockdown and if the disease spreads, we will not have any way of tracing infected people. Other citizens, who are in genuine need, are unable to go out. Some people are panicking as they do not know whether they have Corona Virus or simple flu. They do not know how or when to get tested.

This app developed by Tagbin looks to solve this problem. 

They have developed an integrated IT solution so that the Government and citizens can fight Covid-19 together. The state governments can implement this solution free of cost.

CoCare app can help in the following ways:

  1. Help trace citizens who came in contact with COVID 19 patients through Bluetooth technology in Mobile Phones.
  2. Help Citizen self-diagnoses and further help Govt to contact Citizen at high risk.
  3. Help Govt. to issue a lockdown passes to citizens in need and issue a time-bound e-pass periodically to every user to buy essential items.
  4. To help the government get the macro and micro picture of the entire situation.
  5. A single platform to share all the latest information about COVID-19.

How it Works

CoCare App uses Bluetooth and GPS tracking to help trace citizens who came in contact with COVID19 patients. A custom-made Track & Trace algorithm is used to mark the position and proximity of citizens in cases of community spread. This data will be encrypted and tagged with GPS and user Identity, so that the number of contacts, and infection-prone areas, can be predicted.


The Major issue of the COVID19 virus is the hideous nature of it. Due to which they are able to easily spread forming multiple clusters. Affected carriers, with fewer symptoms of the disease, unknowingly help the virus to multiple. So the key to defeating such a hideous enemy is to fight together. CoCare is visioned for Fighting Covid-19 Together.

Once the citizens download the CoCare App, it will help them to self-diagnose if they need to be tested. This is an algorithmic Q&A tool that predicts whether the user needs a Covid-19 test or not. It also suggests what other measures, if any, need to be taken.

This app will play a major role to help the Government in contacting citizens at high risk. The self-diagnostic tool will collect data that will help the Government to ascertain who is at high risk and needs to be contacted for COVID19 test. This will allow govt. to stop the carriers of virus at an early stage and prevent any further spread. 

One of the important feature of this app is also to request e-lockdown passes from government authorities. A digital platform to apply for passes, which can be digitally validated and stamped. Users will be able to present these e-passes to the authorities in their areas.

All the data that is collected through this application will be encrypted to safeguard the privacy of users in order to conform to national data security policies.

During this unprecedented national emergency, we need to work together in unprecedented ways. This integrated solution has been developed in response to the urgent need of the hour, to help the Government, and Indian citizens, safeguard their country, themselves and their loved ones. Together, we can win against Covid-19.

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