Coding Ninjas’ Data Reveals Women in Tech Earn 7% More than Men on Average, but Male Executives Still Top the Salary Charts

Coding Ninjas, a leading online coding education platform for young professionals, Coding Ninjas, has released data showing that the average annual salary for women in 2022 is 7% higher than men.

However, men still receive the higher compensation packages, with the highest reported salary being INR 1 crore, while the highest reported salary for women is INR 48 lakh, based on data curated by Coding Ninjas from the past two years.

The data highlights the persistent gender pay gap in India’s technology industry, despite progress in bridging the gap at the average total compensation level. The average compensation has remained flat from 2021 to 2022, primarily due to the volatile market conditions.

“Gender diversity and equality are critical to building a robust and inclusive tech industry. While it is encouraging to see progress in the average CTCs for women, we need to work harder to close the gender pay gap at the highest levels and improve women’s participation in coding roles at par with men,” said Ankush Singla, Co-founder, and CEO of Coding Ninjas.

At Coding Ninjas, women make up 37% of the total user base, which is almost 33% higher than the category average. In 2022, women have demonstrated twice as much interest in coding as they did in the previous year, and they have consumed 1.6x more coding-related information and content per user than in 2021.

The data is based on Coding Ninjas’ internal survey of salaries offered to its students, including recent graduates and experienced professionals. The platform has been at the forefront of promoting diversity and inclusivity in India’s tech industry by offering coding education and upskilling to women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups.

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