Companies must implement an effective data protection solution to manage data sprawl: Balaji Rao, Area Vice President, India & SAARC, Commvault

On the occasion of Data Privacy Day, Balaji Rao, Area Vice President, India & SAARC, Commvault, shares his perspective

Data privacy has always been a hot topic, but in today’s world of data sprawl, data security threats, and increasing data regulations, the stakes have never been higher. Bad actors, human error, ransomware and other security threats pose risks to data every minute of every day, while a more stringent regulatory environment is forcing organizations to enforce compliance – or risk fines.

As data continues to increase in volume and sprawl across applications and storage, following evolving regulatory norms is becoming increasingly complicated.

One of the primary challenges with data privacy is an enterprise’s assumption on ‘how ready are they!”. While most companies have data protection strategies, they are often legacy solutions that must be modernized to fit today’s threat landscape. A recent IDC-Commvault study revealed that 71% of Indian organizations, data backup/data recovery is the number one priority for cloud investments for the next two years. But without investing in sufficient budgets to bring in new-age data protection solutions, organizations would fail to attain a future-ready state. The premise of ‘work anywhere, anytime’ has further increased the threat landscape and the potential entry points for an attacker to access files. Companies must implement an effective data protection solution to manage the data sprawl with multi layered protection and multiple tests to deny unauthorized access and ensure fast recovery.

Although we are moving in the right direction, a lot still needs to be addressed. Implementing a more comprehensive Intelligent Data Management platform will enable IT and security leaders to look across their entire ecosystem and identify data sources, and simplify data organization, regardless of where it is located and how it is managed.

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